Quiz for a Million (Misguided) Moms

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    Quiz for a Million (Misguided) Moms

    1. Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer and Barbara Boxer strongly denounce private gun ownership. Their bodyguards, however, carry:

    A. Berettas
    B. Glocks
    C. Garbage can lids
    D. Slingshots
    E. Very heavy purses

    2. You and your baby daughter are awakened in the middle of the night by your estranged, abusive ex-husband. Although you have a restraining order against him, he is drunk and beats down your front door with a crowbar screaming, "If I can't have you, nobody can!" You should:

    A. Call Barbara Boxer.
    B. Call 911, and tell them that they should arrive within 30 seconds.
    C. Threaten legal action.
    D. Grab a ping-pong paddle.
    E. Reason with him (maybe he was an abused child).

    3. Since 1987, 34 states have enacted concealed carry laws. Violent crime decreased in these states and the anticipated "Dodge City" mayhem never materialized. Even critics were surprised. Concealed carry succeeded because:

    A. Sunspot activity decreased after 1987.
    B. Trigger locks rendered guns inoperative and therefore safe.
    C. Sarah Brady scared the crooks away.
    D. A healing wave of pacifism swept over the hearts of criminals in these 34 states.
    E. Janet Reno said that crime should stop.

    4. Schools, churches, subways, and restaurants have often been assaulted, but rarely military bases, police stations, or shooting clubs. The reason for this is because:

    A. The targets aren't sitting or kneeling.
    B. VA benefits are lost if you shoot a soldier.
    C. You can't enter an army base without bumper stickers.
    D. Schools don't threaten felons with detention hall.
    E. All of the above.

    5. Logic, reason, and common sense:

    A. Are irrelevant if they contradict your feelings.
    B. Should not apply to firearms.
    C. Defy opinion polls.
    D. Pale beside hysteria, fear, and political ambition.
    E. All of the above.

    6. Every dictator always disarms his victims, before beginning to annihilate freedom loving people. The reason for this is because:

    A. Guns cause crime.
    B. Guns cause accidents.
    C. Guns cause suicides.
    D. Being defenseless is the only way that mothers can demonstrate their love for their children.
    E. All of the above
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    Doglips: I'll give them a try.

    1. A & B or other guns
    2. Answer could be B but having a gun would provide home security immediately.
    3. None of the choices are right
    4. " " "
    5. " " "
    6. " " "