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Quiz time/hard one

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by eclancy, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Hi all,
    Another two part question.
    A. What country got the ok to buy 1 M1 Garand Rifle from the US ?
    B. When ?
    Have fun with this one.
    Thanks again
  2. You mean "1" as in singular? As in only one rifle. I think its Russia.

  3. Swede

    Swede G&G Newbie

    Denmark in 1950.....Swede.
  4. Sorry, guys I told you this would be a hard quiz. Yes only 1 US M1 Garand Rifle.
    Have fun with it
    Thanks again
  5. DocCombat

    DocCombat G&G Newbie

    It was Italy . Pietro Beretta,Gardone Italy starting 1947-48. beganproduction of the M-1 Which then later became the BM59
  6. Still missing it. just let me know when you want the answer to this one.
    Thanks again

    GERMANY 1939?

  8. Sorry you are getting close in the year which I will give you as aa hint. It was in March of 1941. If you guys want I can post other quiz's on the M1 Garand you might find of interest.
    If you want the answer just email me.
    I hope your having fun with this one.
    Thanks again
  9. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    That would be London? Maybe for a check on if they would the Royal Mum would like them? Rick B
  10. You guys are way of base. I think I post another quiz on the M1 Garand and see if you can get that one.
    Come on Stock Doc you should have this one easy.
    Thanks again
  11. The first country to buy the M1 Garand was us, the United States.
  12. I already said Russia
  13. mikefink

    mikefink G&G Newbie

    OOPPS! So you did.
  14. WHO KNOWS?


  15. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

  16. Hi all,
    The answer to the last one is goofey. Winchester is asking Ordnance if they can sell one (1) M1 Garand ....The Military Attache, Netherland Legation, Washington, D. C. Netherland East Indies Gov't is ok'd "for immediate delivery with deferment of one (1) rifle on the current War Department contract with your firm."
    I hope this data helps.
    Thanks again
  17. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Now is this the Dutch who had at this time ordered the original contract for the 1941 Johnson? Folks always think the Johson was a U.S. military rifle when it was not. The Dutch had the first and only contract. Did they want to do a comparison of the two rifles? It would seem they were attaked and ran which made it impossible to order Garands?
    Thanks again Ed this is always fun. Rick B
  18. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Did you call my answer goofy, clancy old boy?