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Quiz time/M1 Garand

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Hi all,
What 1942 M1 Garand problem surface that could have put the M1 Garand out of the WAR?
Thanks again
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Was it the Receiver cracks or op rod cracking form the grenade launching? The problem was temporarily solved by dipping the heal of the receiver to soften it but later fixed with a gas screw with the poppet to release the gas. Did I get it or close? Rick B
LT are you in to the glue again hehehehehehe or have you been spending time on another forum? I'm mad cause you're not sharing with us hehehehehe.

Ok Ed I'm in need of a hint as many others need also. How about it and yes holler when issue 2 is ready. Thanks Rick B
I think I got it now and a part of it was short? The other was a word used in toiletry hehehehehehe and no I'm not "NUTS" DO you "SEE" what I am getting at? Rick B
Not the Flush nut short pinion type 1 set up? The cracked receveirs and annealing wasnt it? It couldnt be the no trap butt area? The M1 carbine was invented but you said a Garand problem.
Would it have been the gas cylinder looseness and the saw cut modification? That seems far out but hey I have to try. Now I'm gonna think about this all night darn it hehehehe. Rick B
Heck I didnt know Clinton was alive then ? hehehehehehe actually I am ready for the answer I cant think of it for my life. Rick B
This explains the GHD , GHS hint Which of course was why a butt trap hinged door being put on for the grease. Good quiz thanks Ed my brain wouldn't think this deep I guess, to much linseed oil hahahahahaha. Rick B
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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