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    just watched mail call and basic training, i still dont think the DI's are tough enough, oh ,I heard from my daughter again, she says the base recieves almost nightly small arms fire, she says on the 29th of july someone (al-quida, who knows) lobbed a a few morter rounds in thier direction, and hit civilian houses about half a mile from the base killing 2 women and 1 child, she says the small arms fire is not really directed well, and black hawks patrol all night, and all day, and killed 5 al-quida fighters, after the mortar attack, she goes on to say the small arms at night are bieng lobbed in from a distance of maybe 1000 yards, but soar snipers are making them pay very heavily, and the fire in the last few days has decreased
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    Tell her how much we appreciate all she and her colleagues are doing for us - Good on 'em!!!!!!!!