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    When I get home from Iraq in July I'm going to start doing some IPSC so I think I want to get a race gun. I'll have a couple grand to spend. I'm either going to get a good used race gun or a new Sig 226 X5. What do you think?
  2. Well for a good race gun, you're going to need a couple grand. lol

    I'd highly recommend STI's race guns. Most either use them or the frames.

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    STI, or a caspian double stack would be a good starting place. beware magazines for either are not inexpensive. you will easily spend a couple grand having a race gun built +optics if you choose to go that route.
  4. If you have something built I'd start out with a 1911 in 38 super. Myself I would build it myself with a solid hammer-forged frame and slide. a good start may be a Taurus, it's a good solid gun with many of the enhancements already provided. I've shot one and it shoots a well as my Kimber. My "race gun"/ "pin gun" is a "hacked up" stainless springfield "loaded" 1911A1 (45ACP), which after cutting the frame for the beavertail safety, tightening the slide to frame fit- lapping same, compesator, polishing the trigger channel, match trigger "drop in hammer and sear, lots of time , more time fine tuning, straught mainspring housing.... I think I'd buy a Wilson or one of the other custom guys guns. Just remember to provide the 'smith with your gun to uprade. The last time I knew most of the 'smiths had a year backlog if they had to build it from scratch, so if you buy 2 guns you can practice practice practice. reload, reload, reload. while your "good" gun is being built.

    If possible "hook" up with a sky cop, I live nead their academy and know some of the instructors, I'd be out there with them now if I hadn't fouled up my ankle. The guys that developed the courses of fire did a phenominal job. I had trouble in the beginning passing the courses with their 357 sigs.
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    Thanks guys. Now if I wanted a "right out of the box" gun for this type of shooting what would it be? I'm just getting into this type of shooting so I really don't know what I'm doing, I can shoot good and I'm in the army so I've done mount training with my M4 but I've never done it with a pistol. Also in mount training you just have to hit a man size target you don't need to score any points and for the most part your only 5 ft. away from the target. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't want to be that A-hole at the range with the brand new, best gun money can buy but has no idea what he is doing. So what would be the best gun for a guy like me?
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    Whatever you decide on,you deserve it and you should get it free for the great effort you have put out to make this wonderful country safer.Thank you for protecting me and mine,and this great nation. sam.
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    Sam, that was well said and expresses my feelings as well. Thanks for your service protecting our great Country.
  8. Hey Chewy,
    I think at one point or another we've all been the AH%@LE . You should have seen me when I started shoot'n Cowboy, with my band new mismatchet 44s, My brand new '94 winchester 44 SRC, and a bright and shiney 12 ga Double. Now my new model Vaquero 45s are all scratched up, usually only get cleaned after I shoot black powder, I just traded the winchester for a Marlin cowboy in 44 to go with the 45 and my choice of beat up old 316 or a 97 winchester made in 1938. I started out all decked out with period clothing, now the gamers are lucky if I put on a pair of suspenders with my dungarees and remember my hat and scarf. You should hear them when the see my footwear they go nuts. ( I wear a brace with a 3 in lift) it's all 'the spirit of the game' IPSC got too intense for me and I can't wear sneaks any more and I never liked climbing through windows and jumping over walls when I had too, before my hoof went FUBAR.
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    thanks for the info and support!