Rail Adapter? Scope's too low..

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Paper, May 22, 2008.

  1. Paper

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    I picked up an El-Cheapo Tactical scope for my AR, but it mounts too low on the top of the receiver. My face must be planted hard to look through it, and when I look through it, I'm looking directly into the front sight..

    Short of mounting one of those handle mounts, which would then put me really high, rather than really low, does anyone know of a 1/2" or so filler or adapter plate that mounts on the top of a flat top receiver to lift my scope up a bit?
  2. lefty o

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    bushmaster sells some adapters for this problem. they include them on their varmint rifles, but do sell seperately. super high rings are also available.

  3. Yes :) it's called a Riser mount , costs about $12.
  4. Get yourself an EoTech Paper. I just got the AR557223 and love it. Currently waiting for the 3X magnifier with FTS mount. Pricey, but I like it. lol I saved for a year to get the scope. been saving for almost the same for the magnifier.

    Next on my list is some form of night vision. lol

    This is the riser Paper. Well one kind/style anyhow...

  5. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Found one and it's on the way!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, everyone!!

    My scope is a Famous Maker 2-6 tactical, and the clamp is full length.. The nice thing is it's very sturdy and doesn't require rings. The bad thing is you can't change rings..:34: It also has rails on 3 sides of the scope, so I can just keep staking more and more accessories until the gun is 12' tall!!!:09:


    Guess what's listed directly under the scope, on AIM, where I bought it??


    :34: Yep.. A mount riser..

    I really need to ask questions BEFORE ordering stuff..
  6. jmp8927

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    ^ LOL good deal though. Let me know how the scope works! Might grab one for my 10/22.
  7. Paper

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    It's mil-dot, 2x6 power, and the optics are damned clear for the price.. I stick a $40 scope on my AR, and a $150 Nikon on my 17HMR...

    Makes perfect sense, no??
  8. Let us know how the scope works. I'm not opposed to cheap gun toys as long as they work.
  9. yep adding all the bells and whistles can be a real sickness. But dang it's fun :)
  10. Boxsky

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    I just got my 3x FTS today 443 shipped. Got it from a seller on ebay GRTactical.com On their site they have it listed for 459 but I know you could get it for 435 + 8 SH

    It is sweet with my 512 EoTech