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    Thursday, June 20, 2002
    By Anita Vogel

    SANTA MONICA — A Santa Monica elementary school has banned the game of tag, once synonymous with youth and innocence, because they say it creates self-esteem issues among weaker and slower children.

    "We had some children who were not playing 'it' appropriately. How do you differentiate between those that are playing correctly and those that aren't?" asked Franklin Elementary School Principal Pat Samarge.

    In the school's weekly newsletter, Samarge told parents that without adult supervision, the game would be banned. The principal said children playing tag suffered both physical and emotional injuries.

    "Little kids were coming in and saying 'I don't like it.' [The] children weren't feeling good about it," Samarge said.

    Dr. Judy Young, executive director of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, disagreed with Samarge, saying that games like tag "are organized to have a winner and a loser," which is simply a part of life.

    "Self-esteem should not be imbedded in whether you win or lose a game," Young said.

    Tamara Silver, a parent of a fifth-grader at Franklin Elementary School, said the school sent her two letters informing her of the new rules. The second letter cited safety concerns, not issues of self-image, to justify the tag ban.

    "I want my child to know that he can have some freedom," Silver said. "I want my child to know he can play. I want my child to know that he can fall down and skin his knee."

    Fox News' Alec Melman contributed to this report.
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    First the schools don't want parents there unless they call ahead and make an appointment or its parent teacher day now they want to control what games our kids play.
    how many of you out there wear emotionally scared by a playground game?

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    forgot some!
    They try and control what they think,( Very liberal minded trash) Like telling my son that having a gun is bad. so now my son thinks Daddy is a bad man because he has a gun.
    ( the school board and that teacher have had plenty of words with my lawyer over that one talk about emotionally scaring a kid) What parts of history they shouldn't learn,
    Weather or not they can point at each other with a chicken finger,
    Even what underwear they can wear.
    Are we sending our kids off to school or a concentration camp?
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    I agree, my wife is a teacher and this pc crap has her all torked off.
    She won't ever ask a kid about thier parnets guns, cause we have so many!?!?
    Besides, it none of her business. Alot of other teachers use thier role as one of power. Alot of them think thier stuff don't stink.

    Ironically alot of teachers think that thier personnal lives is none of our business, but they are all too willing to pry into ours.

    The 'ol lady is looking into another field, since the state took over, the pay sucks. Teachers are considered state employees but do not get state insurance or other state benefits.

    Politicains can screw up a good wet dream.
  5. I had a LOT of trouble with my stepson in middle school and 99% of the problem was the teachers fault. The "open door policy" they say they have is a bunch of crap. The teachers make up the rules as they go along. My kid was suspended 4 or five times last year and was suspended on the very first day of school 2 years ago. The teacher always said the same thing...that he wasnt getting along with other students. I did not believe that for one second. The last straw was when he was suspended for "fighting". I went to talk with the teacher and met the other kids parents. There were 2 witnesses that said my kid did not fight or throw a punch and tried to walk away but the teacher suspended him anyway. That made me furious. He was innocent yet still got suspended. Last year it all ended but this time it was the teacher that was furious at me. I got the call from the same teacher asking me to come pick up my kid because he was being held in detention for fighting. When I got to the school the teacher told me he punched the school bully. I just looked at her and said good. Thats exactly what I told him to do! If he's going to be suspended, he might as well be guilty of something. I dont condone fighting or violence of any kind, but believe me, this worked and the rest of the school year went smoothly and no more calls from that lousy teacher.
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    Colt45 I agree!

    Yahoo! We agree on something. It is ridiculous to not let children play in the manner that they have been playing for decades. The stupid school is worried about tag?! We had "ThunderDome" matches in the dome thing in our playground. All the kids would gather on top of the dome and we would have "fights" between two kids that were somewhere between wwf matches and I don't know what. The teachers allowed it as long as there were no real injuries. The kids that lost or didn't participate have turned out pretty **** fine.
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    I think its too late the USA has become a WIMP nation...hand out the pink too toos and slipers. It will get worse before it gets better or we get invaded and everyone is to "PC" to harm the missdirected invadeing "people". Im 38 and at work I can name 20+ guys around my age that live with their paretns by choice...not due to $$ or other reasons. I get guys moms call in sick for them....had one guy 45 yrs old said that he was late to work because his mom did not wake him up. I dont see my generation for the most part...or the ones behind mine being made of the metal of previous genration. Will this PC...its not wrong its diffrent crap be the death of us...I think so.
  8. Guys hang in there it can only get worse.
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    I believe a good stinging game of dodgeball does kids good. Sometimes I'm thankfull I grew up in a tough neighborhood. Wasn't much fun but I learned a lot. The schools are going to hell in a handbasket for sure, a while back ago my youngest told me I was doing drugs becuase I drank an occasional beer. Thanks system, I appreciate being stabbed in the back. This makes me that much more determined to make sure my kids get the holes filled in the education they are missing.
  10. Jeez


    What is this world coming to? We are raising a nation of latte drinkers and interior designers I fear!

    Seriously though, some of my fondest memories at school were getting drilled by a dodgeball. It was almost as much fun being hit as being the one that could throw a ball like a missle. And tag. We used to have fully half the playground playing, all ages, boys and girls. We played tag around the neighborhood too. Kids have a remarkable way of getting along and watching out for the weaker ones.

    I am so sick of people so worried about the kids feelings. I personally think this pc crap is exactly why we have so many basement dweller kids livin at home at 35.

    I also fully believe this pc attitude is directly responsible for the teen suicide rate. And the school rampage with a gun bit. These kids have been molly coddled their whole lives and when something comes up that they are not emotionally equipped to handle, they snap. Many parents and overly pc schools watch every aspect of the kids life. When the kid hits their teens, they are expected to handle things themselves, like an adult.

    Well guess what, they are not adults, and have no idea how to deal with anything. They have no self worth, no esteem and no confidence in themselves. Depression spirals rapidly. Teens that begin keeping to themselves are looked upon by the pc crowd as just being who they want to be. In reality it is a kid who is a ticking time bomb.

    This problem is made even worse by the fact that the pc crowd, and especially schools, wont allow kids to be involved in a relationship with God. You can do lots of things and say lots of things but you cannot openly pray to God???

    As to the guns I own and my sons school, or a doctor, he has been instructed what to say or write. If he is asked if Daddy has any guns at home, his answer is to be, "None of your God ****ed business". Bet that will shake them up a bit.

    "I cannot legally own a gun, but Mrs. Liddy has quite an extenxsive collection of them." {G. Gordon Liddy}
  11. We've all heard the stories about the kid that pointed his finger at another kid and said "bang" and was promptly kicked out of school for making a threat. The new law here requires teachers to report anything they consider to be a threat. This means kindergarten thru 12th grade. They are reported to the sheriffs office and my girlfriend takes 4 or 5 calls a day during the school year for "threats". These are so ridiculous that they just tie up the resources that could be used better by getting bad guys off the streets and not some first grader saying "I'm going to get you" Yup, thats a threat. I think the teachers are shielding the kids from the real world too. They can't cope with the real world when they are on their own. When I was in school there was a lot of rough games and very little supervision. I think that helped my generation to grow up knowing that there isnt going to be someone there to help you everytime you got into a scrape. We settled our differences after school. I saw a lot of fights at school and the teachers would just watch and referee the fights to make sure no body got hurt. Only if the fight got out of hand would the teacher stop it. The new teachers feel they have to protect the kids and bring them up in a world that doesnt exist..one with no threats, guns, violence, and drugs. Let a kid be a kid. He will grow into a better adult.
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    By observing all the postings so far it is obvious that we all agree.So,why does this situation exist?
    I blame the Democrats and even more the liberal,bleeding heart media doing what they do because it is "the right thing todo."
    For example the crybabies on TV whining about the priests molesting them,if it happened when they were just a few years old,OK,but many of them were young adilts and that really pukes me off.If they had hit on any of my friends when we were in school they would not score.I had a few hit on me when I was a kid and I first told them I wasn't interested,if that didn't work I told them if they tried anything with me I would cut them up,and I meant it!No more problems.
    Most of the kids today are being trained to be pansies unless they are in a group,they don't have what it takes to stand up for themselves and who is to blame?:confused: :confused: :confused:
  13. Hillary--Takes a village to raise a child.
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    How will the Government turn all the civilians into taxpaying serfs if they don't first take away their ability (2nd Amendment). In the 1770's most citizens were not unhappy enough with the King to raise arms against his troops...it was unthinkable...treason to openly suggest it.
    The 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting it's about being able to fight tyranny...ask George Washington, Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson
  15. Right on-- gun control is tyranny.--plain and simple.
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    It's called "Incrementalism"
    P.S. the mothers of losers want to be proud of their kids too.
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    I heard about this all week and I heard one guy in PRK say it is bad for kids to loose -- I am sorry but you learn from loosing and your mistakes it makes you better and I can't wait to see what might happen in the instance one of these kids looses out on a job due to competition.
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    Shaun, has the guy who said that always won everything he's done?????
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    Snakebite, sounds like the parents of those kids have excellent grounds for a harassment suit. Beating someone up is a "threat". Theatoning to hit someone with a baseball bat is a threat. Kids drawing pictures, playing cops and robbers, or writing about relatives in the military clearly are not threats.
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    from the looks of him he could only win a contest for being an idiot.