Ram-Bear Enterprises?

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  1. I read about Ram-Bear Enterprises and their proprietary Bearskin finish in Patrick Sweeney's (big fan of his) book, "Gunsmithing: Pistols and Revolvers," but the only result I get on Google for "Ram-Bear Enterprises" that relates to guns at all is an excerpt from that book. The book was published in '09.

    Are they still in business, did they change their name, were they bought out... what happened?
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    www.bearcoat.com , was the only thing I could find with google that seemed close

  3. That might actually be the same thing going by a different name, as the specs sound very close to those of the "Bearskin" finish Sweeney described.

    I'm thinking Rocky Mountain Arms bought out Ram-Bear, renamed the finish "BearCoat," and sold it as their own, but that's just my idea.
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