Range Day Tomorrow

Discussion in 'AR15' started by bigkat91, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Tomorrow I finally have the opportunity to get back to the range and finally get to sight in my AR, Savage 110, Marlin 60, and shoot the M24/47 Mauser. I have the guns cleaned, ammo ready to go, need to get some papers(targets), windex and cleaing kit ready. Can you guys think of anything else I should bring. This is my first time at an actual range other than a friends field that we shoot into a hill. Hearing and eye protection is in my cleaning kit. Cheers
  2. i'd also take.....

    1. a cleaning kit
    2. tape or cloths pins to hold up targets if your range doesnt have any
    3. maybe some tools to fix anything that might break
    4. gun oil
    5. have fun :)

  3. M14man

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    Spotting scope to me is essential
  4. Darkfront

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    I'd bring a staple gun for pinning targets to the frame, if that's how the range is set up.

    I'm a nutjob and carry everything to the range though. Gunsmith screwdrivers, punch set, spotting scope, cleaning kit, thread locking compound, bore guides, boresighter, dope book, ballistics tables, calculator... It's excessive. But I never have a failed range day due to problems.
  5. The trip ended up being an almost total bust, because this was the first time at this range. Ending up getting there and there was hardly any target holders... I was only able to set up at 25-30yds and a hundred. Next time ill go ill have to bring(get) some shooting stands. Does anybody have a recommendation? I have been looking at Caldwell's to stands and they seem pretty decent.
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    I would recommend looking into a home built stand. Easy to replace/repair if hit. Lots of ideas online.

    I would also check to see if your range will allow the use of steel framed stands. (my local range does not, due to possibility of a ricochet)

    If your looking at a prebuilt stand id look at this, Blu-Arc IDPA/IPSC Target Master T-2 Portable Target Stand Steel Black - MidwayUSA

    All you have to do is add a 1"x2" wood pieces on each side made into a frame to hold your target. Then, if you hit it all you have to replace is the wood, and not part of the stand. [​IMG]
  7. I have also thought about making some out of pvc. "The range has bunkers" that are only 3-3 1/2' high graduated at 25 50 100 and 200 yds. If i can make stands that are only 2.5' high I should be in good shape
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    I would get 4 pieces of 1/4" re-bar, 42" long and stick them in the ground and attach cardboard to them via clothes pins or squeeze clamps. Thus you would have 2 very transportable target stands. In hard ground, just tap them in with a hammer. They can be moved to a different distance easily.Takes a minute to make, pretty sturdy, especially if the cardboard can rest on the ground.Easy replaceable if damaged, stores in a corner....
  9. me and my buddy made some out pvc and it worked for a bit till we had some of our friends who never shot an AR befor shooting our ARs and they put a few holes in it and they fell apart after we taped them
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    borrow some real estate signs tape the target on it