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  1. Well we had out day at the range today, When we arrived the skys were blue with a few scattered clouds. Ahh this is going to be a great day, I thought to myself. First up was the Marlin M60 with the Boyds cammo thumb hole stock. It got a lot of attention at the range and after about 30 rounds I had it shooting nice tight groups, next up the .17 HMR still having issues with getting it to settle on the target properly I'll work with it more next time, ammo's a bit pricey to just throw lead. Finally the Mosins! Ah let's see I'll try the 44 Tula Ex Sniper. I put a round in the magazine and tried to load the gun, no matter what I tried I could not seem to load a round properly. I think it's a head space issue, with a shell is in the chamber the bolt does not want to close, I didn't want to force it. So I'm bummed, and it goes back on the rack.

    So I break out my trusty 29 Tula for some quality range time. When I tried to load a round in the magazine I ripped 1/3 of my thumbnail off. OK Now I'm bleeding. Argh.. OK grab some cleaning patches from my gun box and tape that get that out of the way.

    My Nephew who is in the stall next to me decides it's time to fire his new Mosin. He has not shot one before. I had a slip on recoil pad handy just in case. He said "No I want to try it like this" loads a round in the gun and pulls the trigger. I hear Woooooooo.. Not wanting to seem like the bad uncle I said you ok, yeah he said but man that no .22 :biglaugh:

    Range Master calls for a cease fire, as we all walk out to inspect out handy work a huge bolt of lighting cracks over head and a crash of thunder that shakes the ground. The clouds decide to unburden them selves of there heavy load of H2o at that moment as well. Ok I'm out in the open standing next to a steel target stand and it's pouring rain and there is a major electrical storm in the area! We grab our now water logged targets and head back the shelter of the firing line. Then I remember Oh crap my guns are in the rack at the back of the firing line. Needless to say the reason I'm so late in posting is I just got done cleaning and oiling all the rifles. I'm a bit concerned about the 44 Tula Ex Sniper. Does the described issue sound like it's a head space problem? If it is a head space issue how easy is that to fix?

  2. Few questions come to mind:

    Have you shot the ex sniper before?

    Are you shooting reloads? Brass fireformed in my Izzy will not chamber in may Tula.

    Did you accidently switch bolts? The bolts are interchangable.

    If neither is the case, then you can take it to a smith to have it reamed, or order a couple of bolt heads and see if they work (after the smith inspects it first)

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    They say a bad day at the range beats a good day at work!

    Hope you sort out that ex-sniper,it's a real downer when you get a new gun to the range and you run into problems.
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    Any scratches or burrs on the cases when you tried to load it? Is your firing pin protrusion properly set? Sounds odd a Mosin would have a headspace issue. They headspace on the rim. I've never seen a Mosin with a headspace problem either.
  5. Clean the chamber of the rifle real good, could be lacquer build up. Also have you shot the rifle before?? How does the bolt close when the gun is empty?? Is it harder to close than you other one when empty?? Inspect the chamber and make sure there is no broken case in there.
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    Neat story SM. I really appreciate range reports sometimes.

    I'll bet your loading issue is the extractor. They can be a little tight and won't pop over the rim easily. Here's how to fix it.

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  7. I've only ever once had a problem similar to that with my M44... and it was only one round that was a repeat offender. Swap to a different round and you might find its fine.

    Another thing to check is the firing pin.. has the bolt become cocked? I've also had that happen once. No idea how or why but it happened...easy to see coz the firing pin tip is exposed when you remove the bolt from the gun.
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    Like Ken suggested, if there isn't something obstructing the chamber, I would suspect the extractor. Headspace problems are not very common on a Mosin Nagant.
  9. I feel your pain. I once sliced my thumb open while loading ammo into my 91/30 with a stripper clip.

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    On the gun, or on the clip?
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    Sheesh buddy did it make ya wish you'ed stayed in bed!:grumble:
    Thanks for the tip Ken.
    Cat that sounds ah little scary.
  12. frenchy, what got my goat the day it became cocked was that i had used it earlier in the day and it was fine. Left it with my ex for some night time fireballs when i rode home... and he couldn't get the bolt to close.... when he unpacked the gun i found the bolt was cocked which was why he couldn't close on a round.

    the day i had this round fail to load still has me puzzled. To the naked eye it looks the same as every other round.. no burs on it, nothing out of the ordinary. Tried another round... fine, tried another round, fine... went back to the problem round and it all jammed up again... couldn't load it and had the devil of a time getting the bolt open again to clear it.

    I've also gotten used to tearing off the edge of my thumb nail when loading the gun... especially if my fingers are cold.
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    Are you tearing up your thumb on the gun, or are you using a stripper clip and that's doing it. Because none of my 10 Mosin Nagants has ever done anything to my thumb except the one time I scraped it down the interrupter.
  14. Well what did you find the issue to be with your rifle???
  15. Gannie if you were asking me, no i don't use a stripper clip... i have no idea what i do it on.. maybe its the interrupter? all i know is i frequently seem to trim the edge off the nail... don't always notice straight away either.
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    Wyld_Cat I'm certainly not as sharp as some of our members but i would start by comparing the bad one to a round that chambers well with a micrometer-all dimensions. Or to published dimensions.
  17. Still did he get it fixed or did he ask the question on this site then fix it and go back to his site and act like an "expert"
  18. I haven't had a chance to fix it yet, I don't have a set of brass tools to work on the bolt with yet. They are on the way. The Thumb nail was as I went to push the round into the magazine one at a time since I don't have any strippers yet. Still haven't figured what it caught on, but it sure hurt like the dickens..

    I need to cut down an old case too which I think I can do with my Dremel tool. I don't want to bang on that bolt with a regular hammer and screw driver

  19. You probably don't need to cut the case as they are tapered pretty good anyway.