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    I know some people already beat me to this, but some friends and I are starting up our own small printing business. We want to print specialty targets. I commissioned an actual artist to draw me up an original zombie target. Today was the first time I got to shoot one. This is our test run. Right now we can only print off 11x17 targets until we find someone who can do large format printing for us that is with in our business model. We are currently looking into that as well.

    I had this idea about 8 months ago when I got my first handgun. I wanted to shoot zombies and my friends and I started tinkering with the idea. Unfortuneately, we did eventually find the other group making the target. However, I feel we can offer a better product.

    Next week I will have some of these targets available, and as a gesture to any of the forum members if you wish to PM me your mailing address I will send out some targets for free. Please shoot them, take pics, and post any feed back here. They eventually will be bigger but right now we are testing things out. So, first come first serve, whomever wants one I will mail these out in a week or two free of charge for members to test out. Please don't post your mailing address here on the forum.

    Attached is 18 shots with my 9mm at about 25 feet out.

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    what other target ideas do you have in mind? I am looking for the bigger ones when you get those goin let me know.
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    Billy might enjoy having one of those Zombie targets...to help him stay proficient with all the ammo he's reloading.
  5. You wanna do a neat target? Do the Zombie, or whatever, on the side you shoot. Put the bullseye on the back. It let's you see if you're hitting center mass just by the figure.
    I did that years ago on Firearms Qualification. The Officers hated it but it gives you a true picture of your taget acquisition ability. It's just amazing how Bad Guys don't walk around with bullseyes lined out on their torso.
  6. Well if that zombie wasn't dead before, he is now. Gotta watch out for them there paper zombies. They can be tricky to kill. lol Good shootin'.
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    We got plenty of ideas. Just got to see what printer can mass large format print them for us. It is all about buying in extreme bulks.

    I should have a some this week from our first test print and will mail some out to you guys.

    I want to have a series of cool and unique targets. We paid our artist to draw that zombie and he is onboard for more, we are just taking it slow and figuring out how we are going to mass print them.

    So, feel free to PM me and I will mail some out probably end of next week.

    Thanks for checking them out.
  8. Neat idea

    about starting a specialy printing company. Wish you the best with it.

    Beyond targets, there are some really interesting posters from WW1 and WW2 you might get the rights to print for history buffs.

    Also, you might want to get into specialty printing for people who have paintings, manuals, etc.

    Good luck with the printing.
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    Cool target! Let us know when you go large scale!
  10. Awful lot of misses at only 25 feet, were you doing rapid fire weak hand?
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    I wasn't the only one shooting, I shot two mags and my friend shot one (range rule can't have more than 6 rounds loaded at once).
  12. Gee you guys don't half have some funny range rules.........What's the point of having large capacity handguns if you can't really let rip when you feel like it!
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    I don't make the rules, but I sure don't want to get kicked out or yelled at by the people that run the range. I don't think it is highly regulated but they leave there for a reason to tell you to get lost if you cause problems.
  14. Those are cool but at the outdoor range I use they dont allow any human figure type targets. Not even the sillouettes.
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    Why? I have heard of some states that do that. Well, when our evil robot target comes out you can have some of those.

    Found this today, it would make a great T-Shirt

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    Nice targets. Not as good as the guy who started this thread.
  17. Hopefully you were shooting insanely fast cuz for 25 feet out with a 9mm, you are kind of all over the place. ;)

    Oops missed that earier post ><
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    the head isn't that big, and I was using the cheapest ammo I could get, and of course I wasn't the only one shooting.

    it was 25 to 30 feet, the range doesn't have markers so I am guessing that is how far it was out.

    It was a blast though. I want to have one of my buddies slowly crank one towards me in the range, if I don't get a head shot in time, GAME OVER!
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    ooh nice ill be definitely interested when you get everything all up and running.