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  1. Today I spent some quality time with my HRA restoration at the range today. I shot that Danish surplus stuff and man , it was awesome. I was shooting 1.5" inch groups at .22 cal targets from about 50 yrds. I was very happy. I also had out my Russian SkS, it was dead nuts on also. My M1 Carbine was a differant story. At about 50 yrds I was in the black of the target but all over it. Plus it was shooting hi at first. The highlight though was my Garand. I am about 90% finished in makeing it all correct. I put a correct barrell on the reciever, and I was worried at first because the other barrel was newer. I was picking off orange golf balls at 50 yrds. You guys should try that, its reall cool to see a golf ball explode upon impact with a 30-06 round. I blew off about three hundred rounds, and the only reason we left was because of the rain. I am telling you, this really made my month that it shot so well. Hope you guys get that same feeling. :D :D :D :nod: :nod: :nod: :assult: :assult:
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    Is the danish ammo hard to clean up after? Sounds like some quality stuff!

  3. No not at all. Its non corrosive and it took no time to clean the bore to mirror shine. I actually got online and bought another 600 rounds of the Danish. I was really impressed with it. Hope its out there for a long time.
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    If you really want to have fun and if you can do this at your range. Buy a few cinder blocks. Then save up a few 1 gal milk jugs the plastic kind. Now fill them with water and put in Red food coloring. At 100 yds put the milk jug behind the cinder blocks for cover. Standard M2 Ball. It will go right throught the cinder block which cuts up the jacket of the rd. You will know you hit it when you see the blast of red water. I mean you just got to give those milk jugs a chance. Then go down to 2 lt. of plastic soda jugs.
    Have fun
    Thanks again
  5. Sounds like fun--we were shooting milk jugs witha Hakim, it was unbelievable how they can make he thing travel 30 - 50 feet in the air.