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  1. bigbuddy21

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    went to the range yesterday[finally] had a good time. here's some pics to look at 100_3795.jpg




    the last one is 100 yds with a marlin mdl 60
  2. SwedeSteve

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    Nice shootin' buddy! What other rifles did you shoot?

  3. jerry

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    good shooti'n man
  4. Seabeescotty

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    Good shootin', BB! Some day, we'll have to get together, and do some a that. Funny, now that I can walk out the back door, and shoot, I don't do it as much. Not as much fun, shooting by one's self. But, Ole Bro Bob will be by, on friday, so we'll have a little bit of shootin', and post some photos of the visit! Have a good Memorial Day, and God bless!
  5. Shor Nuff good shoot'in and they would say here. You got meat !!!
  6. bigbuddy21

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    rem. speedmaster.22lr
    rem. 22-250
    sav. 243
    ithaca 12 ga./30" full choke and a 18" deerslayer bbl.
    springfield 1863 .50 cal. civil war rifle [ this belonged to my greatgrandfather and he used it in the civilwar, it is either a breach loader or a muzzleloader. you can load it both ways] i don't shoot it very often about 1-2 times a year. my bro. reloads his own ammo, so he does the reloads for me.
    and when i get the tax rebate, i'm going to get a henry bigboy in .44mag
    oh i almost forgot there was a member of the rifle club there that had a FULL AUTO .45 TOMMY GUN and he let me bust off a couple of mags.
    that is the coolest gun i've ever shot.
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