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    i have a range off in the woods at my house it is slanted down hill with a flat part at the bottom , im limited to space and flat ground ... im looking to set up a few targets and maybe a course (like in tournaments) i would mainly be shooting a autoloader and a shotgun and a few other rifles, pistols would not be used much but every know and then...ive beeen looking around at diffrent ideas i like the shoot and dont shoot targets i have one steel plate ( that would get shot at a maximun and minimun of a 100 yards ...) i may break the bank and buy a few more...im pretty sure of the targets im going to use just need help with the lay out .... i would like to move from stage to stage but am limited to moveing only foward... before you start im not trying to become a run and gun tacticool person just would like to stay in shape and see what my abilitys are... maybe even a freindly competetion or two
    Thanks and looking forward to the repleis...
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    Creative Firing Range Ideas ,,,It seems the only way I can get this on is with a quote.Have a lot of fun. ,,,sam.

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    glad you figured that one out ..
    odd is this site messen up? lol the patatos on a pole was an idea im likeing cheap targets with no mess... ballons are a must and the clay pigeons looks like a great way to make shoot no shoot targets with a lil help from the ol spray can...also sorry guys but i just noticed i posted this thread in the wrong spot... moderator please remove this thread i have created a new one here is the link... thanks guyss

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  4. We use to shoot at penny wafers. No clean up when you hit them they turn to dust.