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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by vodkazombie, Apr 5, 2002.

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    Had a good time at the range yesterday morning! I had spent last weekend casting some roundballs to shoot some blackpowder and had brought along a few Mosins and my handloads run them through the monthly paces.

    Anyways, I'm finishing up at the blackpowder range, case up the Hawken and grabbed the mosins. I sauntered on over to the 100 yard rifle range.

    Several gentlemen were over there, two of them I had encountered on previous visits to the range. The one gentlemen is a benchrest junkie, in his early retirement years, and is an accomplished bench shooter, really into exotic wildcats and an absolute fountain of knowledge.

    So there I am, setting up my sandbags and I place the M-38, the Remington M91 in the rack... the 91/30 Tikka is still packed up in the trunk.

    A cease fire is called, and I walk downrange and place my targets. I look over to the target to my immediate left..this guy was shooting 6mm PPC into clover-leafs, I mean, incredible groups.

    So I set up and start firing the M-38. Shoot about 30. I felt that "Hey, someone is looking at you" feeling.. and it was the old guy, glassing my target with his spotting scope. A cease fire was called, and I found myself walking downrange with the benchrester.

    Instead of changing his target, he walked over to mine. It looked about what I expected.. I had a small fist punched through the center of it, with one flyer. He says something to the effect of "**** fine, son... whatever you're doing right, don't change it."

    I was beaming. I had always assumed these guys were just snobs. We get back up to the shooting line, and even offered me the use of his very expensive Oehler chronograph. I very graciously accepted his offer and he even gave me a print out of the data on my strings of shots and the next thing you know I had three guys talking to me that I had seen before, but never really took the time to talk to. I see them with their expenive cars and rifles... and I suppose I'm a bit shy. But on the drive home that day, it occurred to me that maybe I ought to loosen up a bit, and come to grips with the fact....

    that had God intended everyone to be perfect, we'd all own Mosin-Nagants!!!!!
  2. Big Dog

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    We do get the occasional "range snob", but I've found that shooting-people generally are a fine bunch of folks. I go to the range early, when the older guys are there. You're right, they are a goldmine of knowledge. I listen more than talk, and learn much from them.

  3. Calvin

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    Vodka, I'm glad to hear that all went well. Dog is right, in that most shooters are nice, especially the older ones. I had a bad experience a month ago at a range with one of these snobs. That particular day, I had a late start, and arrived around lunch time. I'm like Dog, and usually go in the morning. The older men are there, and it's nice to hear them talk of the days gone by when shooting was a required skill.......
  4. PAPA G

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    i always ignored the snobs. but always had time for a fellow shooter, even have let them try out what i brought, if they wanted. thats how i found out that the .44 mag wasn't for me!!! less expensive in the long run too:rolleyes: ;)
  5. M.R. Don

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    My favorite is Mosin Nagant I just bought it at Ocala Armory in Ocala Florida brand new condition! Is there any suguestions on ammo or something that I can get to make it better?

    Greetings Mr. Don in Ohio!
  6. Big Dog

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    Another Floridian! Are we taking over, or what? M.R. Don, try some of Sellior&Bellot's ammo, it's good stuff. I've had spotty results with the various milsurp ammo. Some good, some not so good. There is also some Russian soft-point in the red and blue box that's pretty good. If you see it at a gunshow, pick some up. Are you new to Noisy Nagants, or have you got a few?

  7. Dennis

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    MR DON Welcome
    Your life is about to change. Get a "Past" strap on recoil pad it will make your life with Mosin Nagants a lot easier.
    The eternal Ammo question; I have had good luck with Soviet Milsurp from the sealed green 440rnd tin also with copperwashed Chinese but I dont think you can get that stuff anymore. Ammo will come and go so ya just gotta try out for your self what works. Thats part of the fun of it. Remember to treat all milsurp ammo as corrosive and clean your MN after every shooting session, use a few patches soaked with an ammonia solution(Windex) to kill the corrosivity then clean normally.
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    Hello this is Mr. Don i'm new and i can't figure out how to make a thread and we have been trying and it has not been working it won't post please help me!
  9. Cranky-Kraut

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    hahaha, Poor M.R.Don.
    Just treat yer computer like you treat your Mosin. Slap the right side of your monitor in an upward motion. Once it stops rocking back-and-forth, whack it in a backwards motion across the top a few times. Then, when it thinks you are done you give it a good SMACK from the front and knock it into place. Did it work?

    Florida? Again? Did all the Mosins decide to spend their retirement years at the beach? Hmmm, well them Russians always was a might bit hard to reckon with.

    Welcome Don.

    This Mosin and his owner are headed for the hills in a few days. Moving from Austin, the over priced, yuppy-ized Capitol of Texas to Arkansas...home of fried raisin pies and the secret Mobile Home Park where Jerry Springers guests are bred.
  10. PAPA G

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    what ever happened to this Ohioan!!!:mad:
  11. I've encountered only a handfull of idiots at the range. And most I have encountered are young kids with a social axe to grind.

    For the most part I've found most shooters are either very knowledgable and willing to help or completely ignorant, like me.

    I enjoy going to the range just as much for the opportunity to talk to someone who has a gun that I don't have and we compare notes.

    Last weekend my wife and I ran into a guy who had a Uertl (is that spelled right?) .45 long colt rifle lever action that he shoots in cowboy competition. He was an excellent shot, very well spoken and, you could tell, very well disciplined.

    The interesting thing is he was a retired Army Chaplain and I found his shooting enthusiasm somewhat different than what I might expect out of man of the cloth.

    Now, did he convert me into thinking of getting a Uertl .45 LC lever action? No. I just enjoyed talking to this gentleman who had a wealth of knowledge for that gun.

    I can't tell you the number of times I've had people approach ME asking what I was shooting and for a little history on the gun. I'm sure I've made a convert of some from some of their comments about them going to go and look for a particular gun that I had.

    In short the range is a social environment for me. Not just for shooting.
  12. Shaun

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    I have never met a range snob - of course I am usually the guy that ends up helping the beginning shooter get control of their gun. But have have met some serious competition shooters here in TN and one even helped me with my AR gave me a front sight post that was CMP Legal
  13. Dang, Tc, you blew my party candle out.

    Kimber .45 is on my 'very serious get next' list.
  14. NRAJOE

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    I got snotty looks from the cowboy single action crowd when I showed up at the range with my two AK's and brass started flying! I just reloaded a fresh 40 and gave snotty looks back! :full: ;)
  15. Oh, I think I will.....I likes dim Kimbers, he he he he.
  16. Doglips

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    I usealy dont have any problems...every now and thensome range snob will waddle over and act goofy.... usaly because I have 4 or 5 females with me (wifee 3 daughters and wifee poos friend)...so I look like pimp daddy doglips....I generaly ignore the goofballs...the regulars are indeed a fountian of knowledge...and generaly good people.
  17. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    while testing the cz tonight I ran into a kimber owner and we traded off 45's for a few shots and he told me the RIA was as good as his in his opinion. he had a nice competition grade gun and here he is praising a 500$ budget rig I was really suprised
  18. TEA

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    Worst range experiance was in the pro shop, couple of kids running around and dry firing every rifle on the racks. Even pointing them at each other!

    Flung some hot 7.62x54r casings past some snobby guys a week ago. He was wining cause my Dragunov was too loud! Finally he popped off 10 or so rounds real quick from his 10/22 to try to rattle me, He was asked to leave by the range officer!

    Best experience was the first time I brought an enfield to the range. A fellow named Steve from 303brittish.com was there and let me shoot all of his enfields, fixed my mag lips and let me try several kinds of ammo. Real nice Aussie who really knows how to stoke the fires of enfield enthusiasm.