Range Snobs..and other Anamiles.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jun 15, 2002.

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    Took my wife, kids, the wife's friend and her son out shooting today...was nice and plesent. My kids plinking away with the 22s and wife and her friend doing the 9mm pistol thing. Me and the 16 yr old son of my wifes friend doing the SKS and black powder thing.. Everyone one haveing fun makeing smoke and putting holes in tarets. Welp Along comes Mr. Know it all....who could not help but point out that Pyrodex was not black powder ... traditional sense.. The 9mm vs 45 arguemet and offering to help teach us all how to shoot better...faster you know the type. The outdoor range I use has a lot of small plinking, 100 yd..200 yad..pisotl and skeet ranges so most of us pick a range and do our own thing..safty officer checking up of course. Now and then you have to share a range but no biggie you take half we take half. Not this clown. He'd shoot 1 mag and talk for 20 min.....When wife and her female friend started useing the Cobray from the hipp they got the that aint accurate you have to aim use a laser site ect. comments (I thought 25 of 30 round magazine in the center mass area of a Q taret at 15 yards was pretty good wifee poo and her friend were haveing a blast and the taret had lots of holes) ..I tried talking to Mr.super mouth with not luck.... The messed up part is me and my family shoot at least 1x a week so we blow it off as some jerk but the guest think man these people dont like outsiders, women... and if it were not for kowing us and there willingness to go back this week when its less used we could have lost 2 new shooters.

    I know we all seen range snobs and the gun store hang out guy or owner who seem determing to build their egos at the expense of new shooters.... we can not chase people away from our sport we need to reach out not annoy people...I just needed to blow off steam.:nod: :rolleyes:
  2. i agree, there are a lot of range snobs out there like the black rifle mafia that seem to hang out at the range i frequent, it's like the almost get annoyed when i sit my Ak, mauser k98 and mosin-nagant next to their ultra high tech. AR's or Fal's ect.. with 9 laser sights and a range finder on it.
    Ohh well doesn't bug me like it used to.

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    I know what you mean,
    When I first came in the army, I would go to the range on the weekends. One day there was this guy from The Bronx. First thing he did when he started getting paid was buy an IROC Z-28, and a pistol "just like the one dirty Harry carries". We had a sequence. everybody would shoot their round, mag, or cylinder and Somebody would yell "CLEAR" and then everyone would reply "CLear". If you were still shooting, "NOT CLEAR". or you could clear your weapon and put it down, then yell "CLEAR". Then everyone would go down range and check targets. This Puerto Rican Dude from the bronx brought two boxes of ammo. He stood there and fired every round. People kept yelling "CLEAR" and he Kept yelling "NOT CLEAR" he kept shooting, reloading, shooting and yelling "NOT CLEAR" until he was out of ammo. Everybody wanted to kill him. He was VERY rude. Well, at least he got to own a car and a gun...for a little while. Three months later he was chaptered out of the army and sent back to NYC. Let's see: no handguns in NYC and no job=no car. AH, sweet justice.
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    I used to get up-turned noses when I sauntered down the range line with my No 4(T)...that is, until I started matching the varminters' hits at 400 yards...

    However, when I tell them that I only paid $200 for my (T), I usually get the finger from the rich boys, ha ha!
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    I hate these type people that is why when I see someone struggling with a new gun I try and help I found one kid at the range in december who was shooting with his barrel on the rest and I showed him how to correct his shooting and when he left he had an ear to ear smile on his face
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    We had the opposite this weekend at the range. My friend brought his new AR15 upper, hoping someone might let him "borrow" their lower for a quick checkout of the upper. A couple guys show up, and one has this awesome little M4 Carbine, with Red dot, Laser, the works. He let my friend swap uppers and test it. It worked fine. Then the owner let him shoot the M4, and it was sweet.
    Anothe guy was there with a couple POS pistols, that we all shot. One was highly inaccurate with a terrible trigger, and the other kept dropping the mag on each shot. He shot our pistols, and decided to trade his for the kind we were shooting. After the next gunshow, he'll be better equipped.
    All in all, a good weekend.

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    There are degrees to this phenomena. The first is the "Mine-is-better-than-yours" phenomena, and that is the snob who dislikes any weapon that is cheaper than his gun. The next one is "I-know-more-than-you-do", and that's the person who knows ALL about your weapon, and what you're doing wrong, even if you're outshooting him/her. Next is the "Had-one-myself-and-sold-it-because-it's-a-piece-of-junk" who did own one, but never could learn to shoot it, or always wanted one but could never afford it. After that, you have the "How-dare-you-sit-next-to-me-with-that-POS-$150-rifle/pistol", and that is the guy who has a $900 benchrest rifle or $1000 match/race gun that is being humiliated because your low-end pistol/rifle is causing him concern because you're shooting better then he is. Last, and certainly not least, is the "I-can-teach-you-all-of-the-shooting-secrets-in-the-world-because-I-invented-them" person, who is only 25 years old, but taught Sykes, Fairbairn, Cooper, Clint Smith, Leroy Thompson, Sgt. York, Carlos Hathcock, Zaitsev, Audie Murphy, and Daniel Boone how to shoot. They are quick to analyze your faults, but never shoot while you are still there. This person usually walks around, getting in on conversations that they know nothing about, but claim to know more than anyone else.
    Seen them all, and just usually smile and tell them I'm doing fine on my own, but thanks for the help/info. If they downplay my weapons, then that's fine, too. They serve the purpose I bought them for, but if they would gladly pay for it, I would buy a high-end rifle/pistol of their choice. Otherwise, I have to shoot what I can afford to buy with my money that I worked for. Variety is the spice of life. Snobbery is the scourge of life.
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    You guys just reminded me about this load moth I saw once at the range who was telling a guy that shooting real black powder in a powder rifle was the worst thing that could be done in the world. Of course thats what I was shooting at the time. Then of course he went on to say the best was to clean a centerfire gun was to wrap a wet patch arounf the projectile of the round and fire it. Lets see can we say darwin award winner waiting
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    Well, pyrodex is a lot safer, cleaner, more consistant, and less corrosive than real Black Powder. But the Black Powder is authentic and it is possible to make corned powder at home, if you are careful.
  10. Me and two of my buddies were at the range shooting our black powders. A guy came along and watched and was interested since he had never shot a muzzleloader before. He knew everything there was to know about every other kind of gun ever made but nothing about black powder. My friend with the .50 caliber Hawkins pistol asked him if he wanted to shoot it. Of course he did, so my friend loaded it and handed it to Mr. Know-it-all. Before I could say a word, the dummy held it out at arms length and fired using ONE hand! The pistol came back and smacked him in the forehead, nearly knocking him over and he dropped the gun. The guy never said a word to any of us and just walked away and we never saw him again. My friend just looked at me and smiled and said "Looks like 90 grains may be a little much huh". We all laughed ourselves silly on that one.
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    One of the rangemasters where I shoot likes to shoot his blackpowder rifle when it's not too crowded, and I gotta tell you guys, I've never seen a blackpowder rifle shooter shoot 1.75 inch groups at 100 yards...man, he was giving the deer hunters with the big-dollar-rifles a run for their money!

    By the way, he got his blackpowder smokepole from Cabela's!

    Then there was this young kid who bought a Remington varmint rifle and was having a hard time getting into the groove regarding the right body position...he had the misfortune to have been sitting between two snobby guys who wouldn't give him the time of day, let alone some advice...luckily, I was walking past him and I gave him a few pointers after he asked, 'cause those guys made him feel really uncomfortable. I told him "You can ask me anytime, and if I don't know the answer, I'll get someone who can!"
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    The high $$ gun crowed is deffitly a diffrent species... But hay if you can own a labordinie go for it. To me the know it alls and snobs that give the new shooter a hard time or the ones who try to convince someone who never shoot that they need a full blown race gun in 45acp for their first gun .. or the gun sotre worker that sells some lady a pink Jennings are the ones that should be tared and feathered....we need new people and if events like 9/11 or a crime story on tv gets someone to decide to exercise their 2nd ammendment rights then we as old timers should treat them with respect and help them. People especialy women who dont know the gun terms, slang and darn near religious arguments (9mm vs 45) can be very intimadated by the whole process of picking..purchaseing and shootign a firearm...add ammo choices and range/gun store snobs and we all lose. Because I work in social work the last 10 yrs prior to my current job, and the women at my wifes work knows she goes shooting we always seem to end up bringing a female friend to the range with us....bring the 22, 32, 380, 38, 9 and 45 and let them play around with them until they find a calaber they enjoy shooting. I hea the goofee stories about how they went to a gun store or indoor range to rent (range use pistols) and got ignored or felt up by the clows there. The point is to me..that we need to make firearms..shooting...more accessable to others. Not everyone was raised around firearms...and not every new comer knows someone who shoots...so they have to go alone...they may read a magazine or 2 but they can get confused by stoping power arguements...single action vs DA...and the like...
    On a side note thats kinda funny...about a moth ago we went to the range with me, my wife, 3 daughters...two of their friends (girls 12 yrs old) and my wifes friend...I looked like pimp daddy bob with 2 car loads of women and me.....got some very funny looks...may have been the ostrege feathered hat..:)