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    Went out to day with a fellow poster and fired a few toys I built this year. I have been waiting to get out but folks send so many stocks I cant take a break hehehehe.
    First the Johnson was neat as the recoil of the barrel is different and it had a hair trigger. My sight was a bit loose so I took it off and bent it to put tension against the receiver and as you see in the photo below it tacked 3 almost on top of each other. The **** thing shoots tighter than any Garand I ever had at 100 yards. I didn't fire it much as I had to many other toys.
    The fella in the photo of the Johnson isn't me my photo came out to dark and blurry. The Tanker shot excellent also so if you have the Barrel,Op rod with enlarge piston, enlarge Gas cylinder, correct spring and correct follower rod you are in business. It isn't just a barrel and op rod trust me on this. It is in 308 and handled real nice. It is fun to shoot.
    The rest were fun also and wished I could stay and shoot all week and have a cleaning boy for all the rifles hehehehehe. Rick B


    John shooting my 1941 Johnson.


    What I did in the 3 shot tight group at 100 yards after tightening the sight up.

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Nice! I didn't know you had a 1941 Johnson, Danas got one too, hes probably owned for years!

  3. That is definatly some sweet looking weaponry!!!!!!

  4. The Tanker, was that the new "rack grade" from CMP?
  5. Eric

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    So, you are the one that found my old wish list. Very nice! I really like the Johnson. I'm sure there's a "Johnson" T-shirt that would be perfect. LOL!


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    Who did the stocks!? Nice looki'n.
  8. Is that your M1-A??
  9. Stock Doc

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    Yes, Yes, Yes and more yes's hahahah. Let's see yes that is my M1A, Yes that is the Rack grade well at least the receiver and a few parts, I did the stock work on a few the others are original and the plastic black BBgun is getting a green set of clothes today since they finally made it.
    I wanted to bring more but I new cleaning would be a bear and figured there is always tomorrow .... Yah Right.... I want to shoot everyday. Rick B
  10. Hey guys, as a brand spankin' shinny newbie to the world or rifles and such, I have a few questions. A Tanker was mentioned and a Johnson can someone identify those rifles in the picture? Also a "plastic black bbgun"? As in the AR15? I know, I know you're all shaking your heads but bear with me in these few days of ignorance. :)
  11. The man in the picture is shooting a Johnson. Trying to find a rifle like this condition and you'll be pulling your johnson.
  12. Stock Doc

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    No problem as no question is a dumb one. From left to right they are AR-15/M16 {bbgun heheheh} #2 is a M1A or M14 #3 is a 1941 Johnson which competed against he Garand for our weapon of war but didn't make it. #4 is a M1 Garand with a Wilson 308 barrel and is ALL WWII except the barrel. #5 and last is a Tanker Garand which is a bit shorter and very hard to get a good one that works. They were never production for our service but I know for a fact after having a conversation with a 76 year old gentlemen who hadn't talked about his time in WWII until we spoke told me about his little lighter Garand the guys gave him since he was 125 soaking wet and the Garand was to heavy for him. I tried to argue that he had a M1 Carbine and he got ticked as he fully well knew his weapons. This is proof in my book of field done Tankers which were sent back to have some made as production but only two were made and the war ended so no need for them. Mine is a aftermarket set up with many WWII parts that would work on it when I built it. I bought the kit form a guy putting the receiver from it back to early WWII configuration. Feel free to ask any question you need answered as this is why this forum is up and running. Rick B
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    The guy in the Picture

    Hey Rick, you didn't tell them how much fun I had there at the range either. If you can, why not post those first 20 rounds I fired yesterday from the Danish Garand I received last January. If anyone cares to know, it is my first Garand and first shooting with one.

    Rick as you can see, I took your advise and also logged on to this web site. You were right, it pretty easy to use.

    We have to go out there again. John M.
  14. Stock Doc

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    Well now that you are in with the Garand In-crowd I guess it would only be right of me to show you off hehehehehe.
    John was nice enough to ask me to go shooting with him and naturally I said yes as it was time for a break. Shooting is the best sport for me since I talk allot. Shooters need ear plugs so they get along well with me hehehehehehehe.
    Anyhow John has had this Danish Garand for about 8 months and wondered how it would shoot. I assured him back months ago that he made a good desicion buying a Danish and his has a VAR barrel which is another plus. It also has a nice array of older WWII parts on it another + Well needless to say the photo's below show John and then his target after two clips. 100yards open sight right out of the box except the stock job he did. I have to watch before he takes my business away on me.
    I think John's Garand did vary well and I am scared that if he tunes it up any he may have one of the best shooters around. I'll let John chime in now about his thoughts of the day. Rick


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  15. John M/Ohio

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    Thanks Rick for posting the pic's. For those interested, a few more words about my Danish. My original intention was to purchase a M1A from Springfield. Found out that they are not "new" manufactured 100% as I thought them to be. After looking over and becoming familiar with another seb site on the M1 Garand, I decided if I was going to get a "used" rifle, might as well be one with "history." Also as I wanted a "shooter" I made my selection on that basis for the Springfield with Var barrel. The only thing I did to it was clean up the stock under advise of Rick B. Then decided that since is did not have a "walnut" stock, I would keep it as "original" as I received it from CMP. Gave everything else a good cleaning, oiled and greased where needed. Then with all the project the other half had lined up for me I waited, and waited and waited.

    For the first shooting, Military TW 54 was used as that was all I had on hand. For safety reasons I fired only two rounds in a 2/5 round clip to see what would happen. They got on paper, then went through 3 more clips. That is the target you see posted by Rick.
    Rifle functions flawlessly. All 20 cases were at the 2 O'Clock position and within a radius of a 3 1/2 foot circle.

    Needles to say, it was a great day at the range. Can't wait to get out there with some special handloads. Did try a few on hand that were for my bolt gun but by that time, this old man was getting tired and couldn't do as well.

    Hope you enjoyed the little story. Thanks for reading. Additional chapters to follow another day.
    John M
  16. I bet your like a little kid waiting to go out again. Its a great feeling isnt it??
  17. John M/Ohio

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    Sunday Shooting Session

    You can believe that for sure. Use to go out to a range about every other weekend but that was years ago. To many to count. The range we went to has 25, 50 and 100 yrd distances. If I recall correctly, 20 benches at each yardage and they are covered. At each one they also have about an additional 5 out in the sun. Once you get there you don't want to leave until your to tired or out of ammo. Don't know if Stock Doc mentioned it but we closed the place for the day. We shot at a leasurely pace spoting for each other. I believe my targets should get considerable better as I become more familiar with this trigger. It is close the feel of my O3A3 in that it is a two stage. However it does take a little more to let it off. I tried some of my O3A3 reloads, the functioned well but I believe I have to back down on the powder in it as they were not as accurate as the military surplus I tested the Garand with. A good weather day for shooting. Do hope that your shooting day goes as well. Best wishes to one and all.
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    Johnson Rifles are great fun to shoot, The Folks at the range usually just want to look at them to see what its all about. A little history here,... a couple of " Go ahead, shoot a couple of rounds" there. And you have a friend for life.
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