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I got out to the range and sighted in my converted .223 Saiga. Below is one of the targets I shot at 100 yards. The scope I have on my rifle is a 6x
with an etched retical with elevation dots, being an FFP scope when you set it to 6X the dot is 3moa at a 100 yards and covers the hole bullseye area on the target. I'm not sure if its typical of an Ak grouping at 100 yards or if I need more practice. I have a 7.62 Romy I built a few years ago but I've never shot it at 100 yards. Is this a typical grouping? What do you think? If you don't count the stray shots I have around a 4 inch group.
I'm not really complaining as the gun is a joy to shoot, with very little recoil. I'm sure I'll be taking it to the range with me regularly. :)


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How's it group at 100 yards?

Well, with that scope on I was popping balloons at 200 yards, so probably not too bad. But it was a cheap NCStar and the reticle shifted, and I could not set it low enough, so I have to get a different scope on it. I put on a BSA, but have yet to shoot it.
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