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    Whats the effective range of a 12g shotgun for vermin shooting:assult:
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    Depends on the load you are using. Low brass #8and#6 give you about 35-45yds the higher brass #4 can give you up to 50 yds effectively. The high brass heavy duty loads we use as turkey loads here in the US (#2,#4's) can stretch a little beyond that maybe to 65yds if your pattern is consistant. Anything after that distance is a shot in the dark. You say "vermin" so I'm really at a loss for exactly what you are shooting. Your profile says Heathrow so I take it you are from G.Britain. I am unaware of what type of shot shells are offered in the UK. If you could elaborate a little more on what is offered, we may be able to identify it with a matching load here in the US and help you even further with actual user feedback. Hope this helps.

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    I would stay within 40 meters with any 12 gauge shotgun regardless of the load. There is an old rule of thumb that says a shotgun is good out to 50 times its barrel length. It is possible to kill at a greater range with modern loads and chokes but overall this is a good rule.