Rape Charge?

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by nostraboys, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Rocked da boat and made too many waves.
    You step on the wrong toes ya' gonna get da hose.

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    He should of been, brought up on treason charges!
  3. Withdrawn

    The government of Sweden has wisely withdrawn the charge.

    It appears there was too much talk and not enough evidence.
  4. Why treason? Don't you want to know what really happens behind the scenes of the pentagon? What this guy leaked did not put our troops in peril. What it did do was let the world know what illegal acts our leaders were commiting in Afganistan.
  5. Rape charge.

    It's B/S. I agree, he has brought out the worst in our foreign policy, you play our game our we will make you a criminal to the world, and come kill you. We should not be messing with hornets nests and being Israel's police men. We should be protecting our borders with our troops and be removing corrupt politicians that want to drag us into communism.
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    I did not read any of the released documents so I can offer no opinion.
  7. No crime at any level

    He did not commit rape.
    He did not commit a crime by publishing information.
    It is our leadership and government that has committed the greater wrong by sending people to die for eight years in a situation devoid of planning, devoid of public support, and devoid of success.
  8. i dont think the rape charges are fabricated, if they would go to that level, he would just have died in an "accident"

    i mean why make up some charges that he could possibly be exonerated from and in the end just raise more suspicions
  9. They wanted to destroy his credibility! This would constitute public humiliation.
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    You do realize the Sweden is not inside the US right? As far as the Rape charges go, I believe he is wanted for Rape in France as well long before Wikileaks.
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    The guy isn't Swedish, he's Australian. As for charges in France, please see if you can find some info on that as this has never been mentioned in the press here. -As I'm sure it would have been if this had happened...
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    first let me dry the tears i am crying for america

    who got raped?
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    This is how I see it, our leaders are not committing crimes by going into afghanistan. For our security we can and should go where we want.

    Information leaked will get informants killed. If they live, they will then side with the enemy. They like us, the USA, can and will redefine their enemy if needed.

    If things are unstable with Obama Assange ... That has a negative effect which could make us vulnerable to greater threats.

    This debate reminds me of how Condi Rice recently owned Katie Koric blinded by her own ideals that Sadamn was a wondrful man that started 3 wars.
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    I have almost no doubt in my mind that the rape charges are bogus. Still you have to know that buy illegally obtaining these documents that you are going to make a lot of very powerful people very angry. A lot of people are very interested in finding out about governments back door dealings but you have to know you are setting yourself up to be a martyr at best by doing this. There will be no justice for you. These people that you pissed off are the law. Even if you have uncovered shady dealing due to the fact that this evidence was stolen the only thing that will be focused on is the theft of the evidence and not the evidence itself. I am not really sure he really new what he was getting himself into. Or the people who are openly supporting him that have already been targeted. The whole world and every financial institute has already turned their back on this guy. He is poison now to anyone who wants to associate themselves with him in anyway. Aparantly he never heard the saying "you keep knocking on the Devil's door and sooner or later he's gonna answer"

  16. I'm not an expert on this whole thing, but it wouldn't surprise me if the wikileaks founder just "disappeared" one day. If you know what I mean.
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    I don't know ? He's got money,and money makes charges seem to get forgotten, same as here in the USA, money talks and helps you walk. ...........Waterdog.
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    The only thing his money is going to due in this case is get him a good lawyer. This might keep him a float a bit longer but in the end he is going down hard and dirty. The laywer will have all of his money within months an all he will be is a persona non gratus in just about any country you could think of if he does not end up in jail. He is a theif no if and or butts. He admits it. he has no legal leg to stand on in his defence. Freedom of information is not going to work for him.