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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Sooner Shooter, May 12, 2008.

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    This really isn't very funny to me but may be to you. I'm leaving on a five day fishing trip tomorrow (Tuesday) and just noticed two days ago that I have what looks like a pack rat's nest in my boat. I have the type of bait that is human blood thinner in the boat and it looks like it's eaten a good bit of it. Until it goes to water it probably won't die. The smell is tremendous with the big rats so I set out a simple mouse trap with a string attached so I could retrieve it. I checked the trap today and it's still loaded and what looks to be a new nest because I took the old one out. What I didn't expect when I uncovered the boat was the 18'' snake (non poisonous) that was just inches away from me when I took the tarp off. The snake was about as big around as a cigar or smaller. Can it handle the pack rat. Will my buddies fish with me? Should I tell them? Suggestions?
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    The odds of another snake in your boat are unlikely I'd tell them right when your in the middle of the lake were there is no escape!

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    That sounds like a mess! The rat is prob'ly in the upholstery, by now, and has little tunnels dug thru the foam. Have you thought about spraying it down with poison, or putting some rodent bait in the floor? I don't think I like the idea of the little beast climbing my leg while I'm tryin' to pull a fish into the boat!
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    I saaaay....go to a store and buy a 4 foot king snake. Shut it up in that boat for a couple days(I'll let you figure out how:09:). And presto! No rats!

    Oh and btw, I LOVE the idea of telling your buddies AFTER you're in the middle of the lake :D
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  5. Sooner Shooter

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    It is a mess! It's already eaten the poison(blood thinner) I'm just hoping the snake will get it before it dies. Then I will have to deal with the snake. I had one die in the boat last summer and the smell hasn't gone yet.
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    that snake probably won't be able to eat a rat(that size usually eats mice) but it could probably kill the rat
  7. best idea EVER
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    Hope your buddies don't throw you overboard.
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    I'd be interested in learning more about how your boat is constructed. Is there a floor above the bottom of the boat? Are there deep storage wells lined with starfoam? Is there a bilge pump opening in the rear of the boat floor?

    If any of these are "yes" then there's a definite possibility of more critters hidding there, especially since you're already seen one.