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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by colt45, May 31, 2002.

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor


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    Thanks Colt 45. I signed it and fowarded it to others. They're slowly infiltrating the minds of the masses.
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    Colt 45, Why don't you post that on the Chip and Lars site. You'll get 100% positive response.
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    Ok where is the chip and lars sight I'll be more than happy to post it there to.
    I have emailed it everyone I know and did my first ever mass spam mail on excite and msn to send it out all over.
    I feel dirty sending spam mail but This type of lack of comon sence and morality really gets under my skin. I'll bet if It airs none of rosi's kids will be watching it or any of the network exct's. kids either.
    I really wish someone down there at langly would develope a chem wepon to take out liberal.
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    Seattle has the second biggest Fag parade on the west coast. Goes on every year, news coverage galore.

    After Desert Storm FT Lewis was asked to send soldiers to a welcome home parade, but they had to leave their rifles at home. You are not permitted to parade with firearms in Seattle city limits.

    Ft Lewis declined the invite, and they had the welcome home paprade WITHOUT any Active Army personnel.

    Yep you got to love where you live.
  7. Try--
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    Don't trust that fat *** Rosie

    Fat *** Rosie is at it again. Never did like her and didn't trust her when she temporarily warmed up to the gun lobby folks. She can't be trusted and I'm more than ever sure of that now.

    Now regarding her lesbian/gay promotions on TV, she should be cut off quickly. If the producers don't clamp her down than the lack of advertisments for any rational business interests will force the show off the air.

    Two years ago my wife and I visited several countries in Europe with Amsterdam, Netherland being the second site out of nine countries we visited. Got my interests turned off quickly in that city because they were having an event which is held every five years called the "Gay Days Olympics." Everywhere you went there were large yellow banners promoting these repulsive events which were to be held in the main part of downtown. About lost it when our tour bus slowly drove by and all the gays/lesbians were hanging all over each other. We were told these events were endorsed by the city fathers.

    In my opinion, that's a city to stay away from because they're so far left that their necks are permanently kinky.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Came up,did it,thanks for the info...
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    Did it,thanks Colt.
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    Ok guys this is a subject that has really sparked a hot one with a fellow jar head budy of mine(at least I think he's still a budy of mine)
    I got an email from his wife who climbed up one side of me and down the other for emailing this to them. and stated that I was just enforcing the already rampant hatred in this country by trying to further ailienate homosexuals and thier family members.
    It seems that she has one somewhere in the family tree and got very defencsive about the petion.
    Ok I make no apoligys for this I THINK MOMOSEXUALS ARE SICK IN THE HEAD AND MORALY WRONG IN THIER LIFE STYLES. There its out they sicken me. I sure as h*ll don't go out and burn down thier houses or beat them up at bars or sporting events I jsut turn and go about my way. But It will be a cold day in H*LL that I let my kids watch some show on a kids chanle that we are suposed to trust to put on material that our kids will learn from and not be corupted by try to tell my kids that being gay is ok. Its not! every religon that I know of from cathlic to hindo states that laying with a member of the same sex is wrong and a sin against God (witch ever one you follow) there is No way that you will ever be able to convince me that being gay is ok. any more than you could convice a muslim that eating pork is ok.
    In my reading of the above link it did not preach hatered tword gays, Its just trying to protect our kids.
    Maybe I'm just too thick headed to see her point of view on this so I'm going to ask you guys, Do you think I'm being to one sided on this?
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    I totally agree!

    My little 3 year old nephew came home from Preschool, got in trouble when a 4 year old would not stop kissing him, he hit him back. Now kids will be kids, but they also imitate what they see!

    So Rosie saying its ok!
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    Signed mine and thanks for letting us know about it. Rick B
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    I guess I forgot to post that I did this. Done and done, Colt.....
  15. Did it and sent it to other people too. Its just plain WRONG to show this to kids and tell them its OK. That **** Rosy tells kids that guns are bad and being queer is good. She needs to keep her beliefs to herself and shut the hell up.
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    Got an e-mail from them today..

    On May 31, 2002 you signed the petition Stop Nickelodeon's Promotion of Homosexuality!.
    You were joined by 99,219 other people who also signed this petition. is offering a poll for you to vote against Nickelodeon's plans to show a Nick News program on homosexuality. Its Viewers Poll is available at: