Read carefully.........Should have used spell check on the Koran

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    Read carefully.........Should have used spell check on the Koran.

    After dying when an American bomb collapsed his cave, Osama bin Laden went to Heaven.

    He looked around, and all was as he expected. He was happy and content.

    He smiled as George Washington walked up to him. Washington then hit Osama in the face as hard as he could and knocked him down.

    Osama, dazed and confused, stood back up and staggered around a bit, and looked to his right just in time to see Thomas Jefferson wrap a baseball bat around his head, knocking him down again.

    At this point, Osama was too weak to stand up, and he could barely move. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Robert E. Lee walking toward him holding a 20-pound sledge.

    Osama moaned, "Wait! Isn't this supposed to be Heaven?"

    George Washington replied, "Yes, of course. Didn't you know about the 72 Virginians?"

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    Doglips this is one of your funnier ones I lost it when it got to the Bball bat.