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    Propaganda is the use of selective or misleading information, circulated through mass media, in order to control behavior that supports a political agenda.

    As we’ve seen so starkly over the past five months, the media is engaged in propaganda regarding coronavirus in order to sow fear in the masses. For weeks now, the media has almost one-dimensionally focused on cases (the number of people with confirmed infection). Yes, those numbers are increasing dramatically. Consequently, our Rulers (formerly state governors), colluding with and taking advantage of media propaganda, are imposing even more economy-killing mandates for social distancing, mask wearing, etc.

    Meanwhile, we hear crickets when it comes to coronavirus deaths. The problem for the media and our Rulers is that data regarding deaths is getting better. Because that statistic (the only one that really counts) does not serve the media and Rulers’ propaganda, they are not focusing on it.

    Time for a reality check. See data for US below as of 06JUL20:
    Notice the extreme drop in monthly deaths-per-million population. Here is a chart to illustrate that more starkly:

    This is reality, not propaganda. This is the reality that our Rulers and media do not want you to know.

    The reality is that the rate of deaths-per-million population dropped 29% from April to May, dropped 44% from May to June, and so far in July has dropped another 88%. Altogether, the rate of coronavirus deaths-per-million population has dropped 95% since April.

    Propaganda only works when people are left ignorant of the truth. Let’s not let that happen.
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    The progressive left owns the media and education, they will only tell the population what suits their purpose. We will have no future, until we change that. If your college education is less than 20 years old, its broken. (my first degree was minted in 1972)

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    I’m keeping a close eye on the upcoming death rate as new cases are ramping up. percentages will be enlightening.
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    Kellen, I think you are spot on. It is math. It is biology, and it is population dynamics. So far, COVID appears - to my analysis anyway - to be mainly a source of compensatory mortality. This means it gets you shortly before or instead of something else. Think of all the nursing home/Alzheimer's patients that got counted as COVID deaths on the East Coast and Washington State. It also seems to be really, really, effective at weeding out people of any age (but mainly age 60+) with underling conditions, like diabetes, obesity, auto-immune disorders, etc. The CDC website of excess mortalities, I think you pointed out, has been one of my favorite sites to keep this all in perspective. From there I learned that 55,000 to 62,000 people died in this country EVERY DARN WEEK before COVID. It took COVID months to cumulatively break the normal weekly mortality number.

    Right now there seems to be no critical thought given to the numbers that are being presented to us. We are given ONLY the "observed" number of something. It used to be deaths. Now it is cases. However, the "observed" number of something is meaningless unless it is presented in relation to the "expected" number. Good God, this is the basis of statistics. (And yes, I realize there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, but when done and interpreted correctly they can be informative.) The current increase in cases is, as the Right likes to point out, due to increased testing and protests/riots, and blah, blah, blah, AND, as the Left likes to point out, due to opening up the economy, no social distancing, and blah, blah, blah. It is also the point of flattening the curve, which has now become "Crush the Curve", a biological impossibility at this point. Nobody is talking about overwhelmed health care systems, ventilator shortages, or COVID patients dying in hospital hallways, because there are no rooms to put them in. It just has not or very, very rarely happened (and for very short periods of time).

    However, I think the next two to three weeks will be quite telling. Let's see how the "observed" number of cases translates to "ICU admittance", deaths, and hospital capacity overruns. My state opened up about a month ago. The first week people continued to stay home. After that it has been "party time". People were ready to get on with their lives. Yes, "cases" have spiked, but let's see where it leads. Figure a two week (max) gestation and another two weeks to succumb, and we should be seeing how "cases" really pan out against mortality any time now.

    Spoiler alert: I have it on second hand knowledge (so I cannot swear to it) that the COVID ward in Boise is essentially empty and they have converted most of the COVID rooms back to general ICU rooms.

    I could be wrong and frequently am. I guess we will see this time.
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    Kellen: Sir; so much twisted (lies) Me not believing
    most “declarative” reporting.
    It’s not surprising deaths have occurred. Exactly how many had underlying issues only to be attributed To this virus
    No doubt; the virus exists
    COVID-19 in the US: Tracking states with the most cases, deaths on July 7

    The total number of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the United States is 130,751 -- the highest in the world.

    States with the highest number of COVID-19 deaths
    1. New York - 32,219 deaths
    2. New Jersey - 15,229 deaths
    3. Massachusetts - 8,198 deaths
    4. Illinois - 7,026 deaths
    5. Pennsylvania - 6,754 deaths
    6. California - 6,441 deaths
    7. Michigan - 6,221 deaths
    8. Connecticut - 4,338 deaths
    9. Florida - 3,778 deaths
    10. Louisiana - 3,296 deaths
    Since last week’s reporting: New York remains #1 in the country and is reporting an increase of more than 800 deaths. California jumped from #7 to #6 in the country, reporting an increase of more than 450 COVID-19 deaths since last week. Florida and New Jersey are also reporting a significant number of deaths since last week, 331 and 237, respectively.

    Most states with the highest numbers of COVID-19 deaths -- more than 2,000 -- reported an increase of about 60-140 deaths since last week. Though not listed above, Texas and Arizona have also reported significant increases in COVID-19 deaths -- 261 and 231, respectively. Some states like Wyoming and Montana are reporting fewer than 25 COVID-19 deaths overall.
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    A few observations:
    Contrary to the polls, the hype and main stream media propaganda "reports", people do not "catch" covid and die. There is evidence that the actual underlying cause of death is bacteriological in nature, symptomatic of a weakened personal immune system.

    ALL "covid" tests currently in use have a statistically unacceptable rate of false positives. (the slanted test results are always present in the decision making process, accepted without question or qualification.

    ALL deaths are routinely reported as "covid" deaths. ( teenager, in Trampa, was hit and killed (DOA) by a dump truck hitting him on his bike. he was transported, admitted to the local hospital, pronounced dead, cause of death was listed as "covid.)
    statistical comparisons of last years death rate (from all causes) to this years "pandemic" are never publicized. In most reporting zones, the actual death rate is down.
    Today's news tells us that public restrooms are killing us.

    I'll stop now, I'm starting to lose my sunny disposition............

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    I see the headlines every day, saying "record deaths", "huge spike in cases", etc, etc & I just ignore them. Number mean nothing to me. I do what I can to protect my wife from contracting the virus & leave the rest up to my maker.:rolleyes:
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    The funny ones to me are the "(STATE/COUNTY/CITY) sees biggest spike." Sometimes it is even the biggest spike in the nation. Which is weird because you can go straight to Google and find a dozen other states or cities reporting that, in fact, THEY are seeing the biggest spike in the country. One day last week, California, New York and Florida, as well as the City of Atlanta were all somehow seeing the largest spike AT THE SAME TIME.

    The numbers are also tremendous. NYC must either be significantly filthier and more disease-ridden than Saigon, Beijing and Moscow put together, or someone is lying. I'm not saying I trust any of the four of these places, but at this point Vietnam's numbers have been independently verified (again, if you trust the WHO) and the whole nation has yet to crack four digits in cases or the triple digits in deaths.
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    Yep, living alone, I am trying to protect one person..... ME!
    Sure, positives are increasing, as testing is greatly increasing. And a lot of younger people are beginning to gather in groups again, protesting, partying, spreading the virus. The vast majority of them show no symptoms or have minor symptoms they likely think just a cold. Total "cases" in my county, a state capitol with two major universities, and loads of bars, clubs, eateries, etc., has seen no more deaths in weeks, few new hospitalizations, and a general improvement of our situation. All this blather from the Talking Heads is so much politicized drivel.
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    Yesterday, here locally, the state changed the rules on small restaurants, forcing them to change the "dining in" seating plan, back to closed again, after being open to 50% capacity for almost a month. I forsee LOTS of civil disobedience here in my little piece of paradise. We have believed, for a long time, that Talahussie is full of crap, and NOT looking out for our best interest...

    I've talked to most of the local politico's, they are mostly intrested in running for cover.