Really? This BS has gone too far!

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    LOL!!! Yep- was wondering how long it would before the Tarheels here would light up the boards from this news. Once I saw where the stoopid nonsense was taking place, oh.....yeah that didn't surprise me anymore. Just sad, how an entire city is now beholden to those that won't better themselves.
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    ncnascarlady: Ma’am; a real crock


    The council allowed an hour of public comment on the measure. Many who were not able to speak before the vote waited for another hourlong comment period afterward, pushing the meeting late into the night. Most were in support.

    Rob Thomas, community liaison for the Racial Justice Coalition, which led the push for reparations, thanked the council.

    "This is a really, really good gesture as far as the foundation of what we can build," Thomas said. "The potential of what can come out of this document is amazing."

    Increasing generational wealth — something African Americans were deprived of through economic and regulatory discrimination — should be the focus, he said.

    It was also important that the county's government join, Thomas said, to ensure issues weren't lost between the county and city.

    The Buncombe County's Board of Commissioners is not clearly behind the reparations measure, though it has a 4-3 Democratic majority
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    so they are going to "invest in opportunities' in the areas of black disparity. Are they going to build a bunch more "Stop and Robs" so the thugs can get their money faster? Or are they going to build stuff for white folks to come visit and then have to pour more money into them every year because the white folks won't go spend their money there?
    Here in KC they are asking for somewhere around $6 million in funds to support the Historic 18th and Vine Jazz district this year alone. There are a couple of jazz clubs and eateries there and the rest is empty buildings. The city commissioner for that are has asked for roughly that same amount of money every year for as long as I can remember. They do have the Negro League Baseball Museum there and just had to authorize money to help fund that place a couple of years ago. This year MLB anted up funds for it, but I am sure they will come to the city asking for more handouts. Folks in Asheville who believe they should get "reparations" will want money in hand so I am sure they will not be happy with this idea.
  4. What bothers me is people buying into the idea that all blacks in this country are descended from slaves.

    If I were running the show and blacks were demanding reparations "because their ancestors were slaves" I'd make them prove it by providing their genealogy, including primary source documentation.
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    Very good point. Two good examples, Colin Powell's parents, Luther and Maud Powell, immigrated to the United States from Jamaica. Barack Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr., was a foreign student from Kenya on a scholarship.
    How many more citizens do you suppose we have that have no slave ancestors?
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    And the lawyers will get rich.

    This is clearly discriminatory in nature and I’m sure there will be a bevy of lawsuits. It discriminates clearly on the basis of race and racial lineage. You can’t do that. Anti discrimination legislation applies regardless of color or racial lineage.
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    i dont watch the news and live very rural so i dont have a clue what you all are talking about. IM HAPPY ABOUT THAT. my ancesters are here in the USA because of persecution by the catholics. we got tired of being murdered by them in france for not being catholic and came to the USA. our intire extended family around paris was murdered by them in one week. so some of use came here as slaves other like my family just to stay alive. we are all americans and should get used to it. my wifes grandfather came to america as ww1 started. joined the army and didnt speak english. fought the germans hard and lived. then got to be a citizen because of his war effort. became a good farmer and did well. to bad every one no mater how they got here just doesnt settle in a do their best. a lot about blacks and very little about native americans. they have more to gripe about that everyone else. go to different rez/s around here. its a third world poor nation. they would like to have a house as good as many blacks live in. im not against blacks at all, how can i be, the only ones i ever met were good sailors like me. before and since ive met none or very few. lots of indians and mexicans here though, they are like anybody else. good and bad. nothing to do with their skin color. many are getting educated and that is a good thing.
  8. Huguenot? Hubby's father's side came for the same reason from the same area. :)
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    and the Mormons were killed and harassed in Nauvoo Illinois.
    I'm guessing all Mormons also need a reparation for being persecuted.

    so, where do we end it maybe give everybody a million and let the dust settle out in the parking lot?
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    Has Asheville become that Uber-woke? They were always a little granola and lumbersexual, but, dang.
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    Asheville, the Seattle of the east coast. Shame what they have devolved into.
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    Some of my ancestors are of Bohemian heritage. Lots of people didn't like Bohemians. How do I get my money?
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    I have Irish heritage. Lots of them came over as indentured servants. Where's my gubmint handout!? :rolleyes:
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    Many years ago, did an airshow there. The folks arranging the show put us up in a local motel and as we were returning there literally was a bachelorette party going on in the bar area and the lobby. We were dressed in our flight suits having done the static display earlier in the day.

    "Are you guys the strippers ?"

    "Ummmm....... Sure !"

    (we didn't strip but a good time was had by all).

    Times sure have changed.
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    This is going to be an election issue and you are racist if you are against it..........
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    Just another vote buying stunt.

    Story on Suddenlink about House demoncraps tacking payments to blacks on the new stimulus bill. I guess they think that'll force republicans & Trump to accept it. I hope they don't.
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    New York
    We're in the middle of a serious economic crisis and the Jackass Partei is playing reindeer games. Why can't those fuckwits just submit a clean bill both parties and the White House can agree on?

    The Democrats have forgotten that politicians are the servants of the People, not their masters.