Rebarreling a Turkish Mauser??

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by Doglips, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Ok just something Im kicking around....I have a Turkish Mauser and can pick them up dirt cheep... So I was thinking about rebarreling one is say 308 or simaler calaber..
    Is this something that is easy to do or is it a job best left for a gun smith?
    If it is a DIY projcet how do you remove/replace the existing barrel?
  2. lefty o

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    yes it can be a do it yourself project, but its gonna cost you more to do it yourself than to have a 'smith do it, unless you plan on doing many of them. youd need a barrel vice, action wrench, chamber reamer, a lathe doesnt hurt, but not absolutely necessary. this list would get you started as long as your not talking about refinishing, or doing stockwork yourself. just for an idea of cost take a look at a brownells catalog, lots of neat toys in there, but it aint cheap. youd probably have to do 8-10 rifles to break even on tool costs. hope this has been helpful.

  3. Doglips

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    Bummer I think Ill just pick up an NEF or other type rifle in that calaber...was kicking it around kinda hopeing it was a drop in project.... of well did not want a 50 cal BMG witha 16" barrel and 2 pound triger pull on a folding stock carbine...:)