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Rebate offered through end of year

Discussion in 'Thompson' started by draftingmonkey, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. draftingmonkey

    draftingmonkey G&G Evangelist

    I was looking at the TC lineup as I notice they are offering up to a $75 rebate through the end of the year. What do TC owners think of their products?
  2. 870shooter1

    870shooter1 G&G Evangelist

    I love the Contender!

    I have 5 barrels with scopes and they're some of the best shooters I've seen.

  3. Kellen

    Kellen G&G Regular

    That offer caught my eye as well, so caved and got pro hunter stainless with two barrels, 35 whelen and 7mm rm thru eabco. They also had a holiday sale going on. TC seems to get mixed reviews on these kind of forums, but not half/half, more like 80+ pct. positive so I felt it would be a good buy. Time will tell.
  4. Ditto X 2!
  5. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk G&G Evangelist

    Thinking about a Compass in .243 for myself.