Recently bought an Underwood M1 Carbine need info

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by sun2urback, May 18, 2008.

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    New member here after finding this wonderful site. Very impressed with knowledge being passed here. I recently purchased the following described rifle for $350.00 at a garage sale. Gentleman said it was his dad's (passed away) who brought it back from Korea. Barrel marked "Underwood 6-43 bomb w/flame", Front sight marked "EU" on right side, rear sight "l.R.CO." believe it a type II Korean vintage, OP Slide marked "bomb w/flame" Mag Release "lM", Front band "KI", Receiver marked "Underwood" serial number "179XXXX", Stock right rear "NPM" over"FJA" contained in box, just to right of box cartouch can't read, stock left rear in sling window "TRIMBLE" over "TN", stock left side behind hand grip stamped "U", bottom of hand grip number "46" yellow stamped over letter "M". I also got 2-15rd mags marked "U", 1-30rd mag marked "M2", and 5-15rd mags marked "IS" as the mag sits upright. I am wondering if this is collectable and or needs to be insured? I've attached a few pictures for your review. This is a fun, accurate, and great shooter. Any and all info greatly appreciated.

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    You have a Nice Underwood Carbine WW2 Made...And you got it for 1/2 of what it is worth...
    IS stands for International Silver...One of many mag Makers.
    It has been re-arsenaled and Inspected.
    Jimb2 will come along and give you more info...He is the Resident Carbine Guy!

    You did well Grasshopper !!!

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    Most of the M1 carbines encountered will have mixed parts but are still very collectible. While the metal of your gun is Underwood, the wood was made by Trimble Nursery (TN) for National Postal Meter (NPM), so obviously it's a replacement stock used during re-arsenaling.

    I'd estimate the value at around $500 to $800.

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    Underwood M1 carbine

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertize, and for those yet to respond thanks in advance for you help. Like I said before what a neat little gun to own and shoot.
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    The carbine was rebuilt by the military. The front band (KI) for example is made by Keeler Brass for Inland. As mentioned, the stock is National Postal Meter. The adjustable rear sight is a replacement made by International Register. The mag catch is also a late WWII replacement. The .U. on the cheek piece indicates that the carbine was rebuilt and upgraded by Underwood, probably either right at the end of WWII or during the Korean War. While not as collectable as an original condition as manufactured carbine, good condition rebuilds are still pretty valuable. I would estimate the value as somewhere between $550 and $700 depending on condition. BTW, when you get around to disassembling it, I'm sure you will find a mix of makers on the internal parts.