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Recently purchased a 1903A3

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I recently purchased a Smith Corona 1903A3 sn:4838xxx. Would like to know
if the reciever matches up with the date, 11-43 on the barrel. It has the stock cartouche, inspectors initials and several 1 letter stamps on the bottom of the stock ahead of the magazine well. I was told it was one of the rebuilds that was stored at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. It is supposed to have been in a private collection from someone who worked ther after WWII.
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David, there is an old addage in gun collecting, "buy the gun, not the story". In your case, however, it seems you got both a good gun and a good story. The barrel is correctly dated for the receiver as all Smith-Corona's were manufactured in 1943. The inspector's marks in front of the floor plate belong there on an original stock. You might pick up a copy of Harrison's guide to the 1903 rifle. A lot of info, and some folks say most of it is correct. I have found it to be helpful.
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Thanks for the info on the book. I bought the gun before I heard the story. Itr was too beautiful a weapon to pass up. I probably paid too much but thats life. When you see beauty ya gotta seize it. Besides i have no kids so I might as well spend my money on my wife and myself. Isn't money just a tool/ Its just like a hammer, it does no good unless you use it. But seriously, I think this one is about as nice a gun as I have ever seen. I had it out to the range on Monday ad it shot like a dream. 8 clicks to the left and she was zeroed for 250 yds. Thats sweet.:assult:
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