Rechamber/rebarrel Rem 700 in 30.06

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  1. mdbrittain

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    What calibers are an option for rechambering a Remington 700 CDL in 30.06. I have one that I would like to turn into a real thumper. Are magnum chamberings do-able??
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  2. lefty o

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    anything is do-able, but sometimes its cheaper to buy what you want. sbowers can probably give you a good estimate on what it would cost you to have your rifle rebarrelled, bolt face opened up etc.

  3. samuel

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    I don't know exactly what you are after but the one you should be asking this question of is the barrel supplier.The model 700 is not a switch barrel action so this means if you get a barrel it either must be installed by the barrel maker,(Douglas,Shilen,Hart,etc,etc) by a gunsmith,or it will be a short chamber and you would install it and then use a finish reamer to headspace.Steve Bowers (S.Bowers)does this kind of work so I would sugest PM,ing him and talking with him.Since you are asking about it I assume you are not set up to do this job and a bad rebarrel job is expensive and you wind up with a POS.There is so much to it like bedding,(pillar or glass)barrel channel,squaring bolt,(both locks and face) straightening threads,surge block,etc,etc.Talk to Steve.
  4. Ditto, talk to Steve.
    He's done one so far and is working on two more barreling jobs refinnish jobs. He does a great shinny deep blueing.
  5. Mmmm,

    the others haven given good advice.
    Just to mention the 220 grain bullet in thirty ought six is a pretty good thumper on its own.
    If you rebarrel the .338-06 is a very popular caliber for which reloading dies and reloading info is readily available. This will thump something pretty hard.
    The .35 Whelen is a historically well proven round based on the thirty ought six case.
  6. Palladin8

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    I think the 300 Win Mag lenght cartridges is about the largest length wise that will fit in the 30-06 action.
    Like the others have said it might be cheaper to buy a new rifle in the caliber you are wanting. Usually a custom rifle is not the cheapest route to take but you get exactly what you want done.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    35 Whelen and 8mm/06 come to mind. I agree with the others, consult with SBowers or other gunsmiths here !!
  8. Why not just run a 30-06 Ackey Improved reamer into the standard 30-06 chamber and then have a "poor mans" 300 magnum.
  9. bobvonb

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    ^ I think you're on to something there. I looked up the load data and ballistics for the 30-06, 30-06 AI, 300 H&H Mag, and 300 Win Mag. With the AI you get very darn close to the 300 H&H and are about 75% of the way to the 300 Win Mag. I'd say that qualifies as a Thumper and you have the advantage that you could shoot standard 30-06 ammo too while fire forming AI cases.
  10. 338RUM

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    If it were me I would open up the bolt face and chamber it in 358 Norma Mag then you would have a real thumper on your hands! It is a magnum on a standard length action and brass can be made from 338 Win Mag brass it is a win win situation... especially since you are re-barreling anyway, why not go all the way and get a true magnum!
  11. mdbrittain

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    Thanks to each and every one of you that responded! I would definitely take this up with someone such as Steve Bowers or Mike Bryant before doing anything. Here's my situation as of now. I already have 7mmSTW and a 300 Win Mag in the safe along with a .223, 22-250, 243 and .308. I came in possession of this 30.06 by means of winning a raffle...I know, poor old me and my dilemmas. Don't get me wrong, I am very blessed and fortunate to have what I have and should enjoy this fine piece of equipment just as it is. That is probably what I will do in the end anyway. Since I already have the tools for most everything I will ever get to hunt, I was just kicking around the idea of building something that could go beyond both the 7STW and 300WM. I just didn't know if the receiver would be able to be punched up to something along the lines of what .338 RUM suggested if I were to rebarrel and rechamber. You have all been very informative and I really appreciate it.
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  12. 338RUM

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    the 358 Norma Mag was built so that rifles could be smithed and rebarreled the pressures are the same (or close) and you shouldn't have to worry about bolt thrust... Norma actually lent out reamers for free to gunsmith's so they could chamber rifles to the Norma Mag about 2 years before they started making factory ammo... just some food for thought.
  13. mdbrittain

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    What about the .375 Ruger ... too much for the standard long action??
  14. 338RUM

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    Any Remington action will hold up to the pressures of any cartridge (I think they have been proofed to 120,000 PSI) the only problem you have to face is A: Is the action long enough and B: Will the bolt face open up far enough to accept the round. if both of these requirements are fulfilled then you can chamber a round for the rifle.
  15. bobvonb

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    can't stop thinking about this. IMHO, if you have acquired a new Rem 700 CDL in 30-06, leave it alone. If you want a bigger gun, sell it or trade it. the dealer that supplied it for the raffle likely would let you pay the difference for a 'thumper'. It's quite another thing if it's an older, used gun.

    Trading it for a bigger gun makes sense, and since most of the other suggested guns are available in new guns that would seem the reasonable thing to do. The only suggestion that makes sense modifying a new gun would be to Ackley Improve it since you can't go to Rem and get a 30-06 AI off the shelf, and it still is basically what it was meant to be, a 30-06.
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