Recipes for .223 and .45acp?

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  1. I'm posting this asking for any fellow G&G members if they'd be willing to help out and maybe share some reloading recipes for both the .223/5.56 and .45acp?

    My reloading equipment is due to arrive here on Tuesday, I've just about finished making my reloading bench, (found this one and went with it, no plans, just looked at it, took a mental picture and went and bought 8-2X4s (an extra one in case I screwed up, lol ) and 1-4X8 sheet of plywood, pictures to follow as soon as it's about 95% done, currently, only 90% done).DIY Ammunition Reloading Bench

    I'm currently only going to start with these 2 rounds and only bought powder and primer, for them. Well in truth, the Unique mentioned below, could be used for a few other calibers/rounds. But, for the .223, I went with Varget powder to be used with a boat tail bullet. Not yet sure what brand. I do know I'll probably get the 100 from Hornady for buying some of their dies. I do know I'll also try Speer bullets. I only got 1lb, smallest available that Bass Pro Shop had, in case I or my rifle, which by the way finally got here WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO, don't like it.

    For the .45acp, for now, I went with Unique, and again, 1lb.. With the .45 I'll be using Hornady bullets, the 1000 free ones I'll be getting for buying the Hornady AP Press. I'll have to pay .$21.95 for shipping, but other than that, free. Thus also the reason I ran that poll a while back. But they'll be Hornady's .45cal/.451 230gr HP/XTP bullets.

    So if anyone would like to help me out with some recipes for the above 2 rounds, I'd truly appreciate it.

    Down the road, I'll see what anyone has for .45 colt, 9mm, 40 S&W and .357 mag.
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    1) Condensed/Complimentary Load Guide Version 3.2.2: Click Here

    Information selectable per caliber: This is the recommended method: Click Here
    This data base is arranged per application i.e. Handgun, Rifle, or Shotgun with the appropriate calibers listed below.
    Information selectable per Powder:
    This is also categorized per application i.e. Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun. Click Here
    2) DATA POWDERS: Application: Rifle CalibersClick Here
    This is ALL the available data, as contained in our official publications

    SPEER #8 2ND EDITION 1970

    this site.
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  3. Thank you very much Billy. Can you say, BOOKMARKED? lol Thanks again.

    The few manuals I've gotten has some also. Was wanting to see what has worked for who and in what also though. Like what you have found works well in a .45 colt round? And the .45acp?

    Sad thing is, I had to send or rather Ruger wants the new model Blackhawk back I just got. I went to clean it of any and all manufacturer/ing oils/lubes/ruse preventative stuff on it, as most say to do. I used what I've always used, a CLP, and no sooner then I sprayed it on and started with an old toothbrush the bluing cane, literally washed off the cylinder, spur side. So I didn't haven't even gotten to shoot it yet.
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    i like trailboss in my 45 long colt

    it's safer because it's really fluffy and that makes it harder to double charge a case.
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  5. Now can the dies I got for or rather will the dies I got for .45acp also work for .45colt?
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  7. I like Hodgdons Titegroup for the 45 ACP and IMR 4198 for my .222 Rem. and Varget in the 6MM Rem and .257 Bob.
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    best advice is to pick a powder, pick a bullet and do some loading. what works well in my guns may not be worth a darned in yours.
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    Send your guns over and I'll try it. sam.
  10. That's the same sound advice I got from others and why I bought only 1lb of each of the brands/kinds I did and why I'm going to start with only 2 calibers at the moment. That and to get familiar with the press. If the unique doesn't work well with/in the .45acp, there's a few others it might work even better with/in. The next I'll try or plan on trying that is, is the IMR 4598 and/or 4198.
  11. For years I've used a .45 ACP taper crimp die on .45 Colt ammo.
    You might start with 5.0 gr of Unique and go up to no more than 5.7 gr.
    I have no clue on the .223??????
    I swear by W-W Primers.
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    I have had very good luck with Varget out of my .223. Although I am shooting 69gr Sierra Match Kings. From what I have read about the powder it is very versitle.
  13. Might I ask what brand firearm and what barrel and twist rate? Is it a bull barrel? Stainless? 1 in 9 twist rate? DPMS,Bushmaster,RRA,Stag etc.etc.etc? Only curious. As I've been told and as Leftyo also pointed out, different rifles and different bullets, all that makes a big difference from one to another. What might work in one won't in another.

    I'm hoping I won't have to do too much trial and error. As I said, I'm going to start with a 55gr boat tail bullet. We shall see.

    Doesn't Varget get its' name from VAR-ment and tar-GET?
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    I have a Bushmaster and two uppers. One is the original 16" that came with the gun and I believe it is a 1:9 twist and the other is one that I bought from a gun show. It has a 20" barrel free floated hand grip and a 1:7 twist rate. The 16" will still shoot the 69gr match king pretty accurately but it's not the greatest once you go past that. The 20" shoots the heavier bullets a little better. I have tried the 77gr match kings but I like the 69's a little better. Besides my scope's BDC is set for the 69gr.
  15. Thanks P8. You to gandog56 for the link.