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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by keppler, Aug 1, 2002.

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    I been thinking about getting a new rifle for me and my wife to target shoot with. She is new to shooting and I have been teaching her with .22 LR far. The next rifle I own is a Win. mod 70 in 25-06 but I am kinda afraid the recoil might be a bit much for her. I know it doesn't have much recoil but I would like something with a little less.
    I was thinking about a .223 but I like the ballistics on a 22-250 better. The problem is I don't know anyone who has a 22-250 to compare the recoil with the 25-06. I was thinking about the heavy barrel to keep the recoil down since I won't ever hunt with the gun. Can someone give a comparison between the 22-250 and the 25-06? My 25-06 does not have a heavy barrel.
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    Have you considered an M-1 carbine?

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    keppler - As wes suggested, an M1 Carbine.

    My experience with the M1 Carbine, is that the recoil is stronger than any of the .223 (5.56mm x 45), rifles in bolt action or semiauto. I have both an AR-15 and an M1 Carbine. I can hold my AR-15 buttstock on top of my shoulder and fire it without taking the recoil and it doesn't affect my control. With my M1 Carbine, I couldn't get away with that, and it might just cause me to lose control of the Carbine.

    I hear from some .22-250 fans, that it is very good about light recoil (not a lot of difference from a .223). I don't know about the .25-06 I think that is a 6.5mm, and while their kick is mild (for me) it might scare someone.

    We have juniors (girls and boys 10 to 20 years old) who fire the M1 Garand (.30-06) and M1A (.308) as often as we will let them, and while they do shoot the M1 Carbines, they really like to shoot the M1 Garand and the M1A, cause, as the kids say "Those are real rifles!".
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    There are a lot of good cartriges out there. My 13 yr old shoots my 308 (Speer 100 gn plinkers reduced load) some of the milder 130 grainers arent bad either. Lots of 308 load components etc. also, have you looked at the bench rest types like the 6mm PPC. The 243 would be nice too, or 6MM REM. The 25-06 is nice as is the 22-250. I think the 25-06 will run you through the powder if you load. Off shelf ammo is OK but nothing great as far as availability and choice. 22-250 is a highly potent varmit cartrige in my opinion. Like having a race car to drive to church. 222 or 223 is a fairly mild recoiling gun, cant go wrong there.
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    The 223 is a good next step. Rifles are easy to come by and ammo is cheep for lots of practice, practice, practice. The 22-250 is just a hot rod 223 recoil is the same, you could get a magnum recoil pad the ones the shooter wares that would make your 25-06 more of a shove than kick. But a lot depends on the shooter.