Recoil is killing me!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by winchester, Aug 4, 2002.

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    I have a muscular condition in my chest. I was born without my right pectorial muscles. I was self-conscious about it in gym class in grade school - after that, I grew fast enough that people knew better than to tease me about it.

    My problem is shouldering my .30-06 Model 70. In spite of having this condition on my right side, I am also right handed. This means that the butt of any gun I shoot, instead of having a nice comfortable place to brace it in, it sits right against my upper ribcage.

    With the 12 ga and smaller caliber rifles I have no problem. But the .30-06 beats the living hell out of me. Recoil pads seem to help a little, but not much. I left the range last week with a half-dozen bruises.

    Has anyone ever seen some type of stock with a mechanical recoil absorption? I'm not positive how one of these would operate, but I would think something was possible.

    I was thinking of designing it myself - making it a winter project this year, unless there was somebody out there who had seen something like this already.

    Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.
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    I'll sure keep a look out for ya. I know Benelli uses an internal type of stock mounted system for shotguns. I don't know if it could be adapted. A gas semi auto may be more comfortable to shoot? Mabe handloading, you didn't mention. Have you considered a smaller caliber? mabe short action; 308,7mm-08, 243. Are you hunting or paper punching or both?



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    Maybe you could fashion yourself a little padded thing that you could wear that would absorb the recoil? Maybe a shoulder pad that you may wear for hockey or Le Cross? Not anything plastic but just material. I dunno. Just an idea.
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    So far, I've only been using it for target practice, since here in Ohio, there's not a whole lot you can hunt with a .30-06. I originally bought it thinking I would hunt coyote last year, but I just haven't had the chance yet to go.

    I've fired smaller grain bullets from it with no problems - a big difference in kick between a 155 gr and a 55 gr accelerator (or sabot, depending on what you call it) but since I don't load my own, they're more expensive. However, if somebody could show me that it has comparable stopping power, I could overlook the cost, maybe buy some loading equipment.

    Anybody know ballistics that well? Can I take a coyote or a boar with a 55 gr bullet? I assume groundhogs would probably still explode.

    Other than that, I might look into GrassHoppa's idea. There's probably something like that out on the market for women shooters. Thanks.
  6. Why dont you get a shooting jacket? That would help for sure.
  7. Hello Winchester--Have you tried to shoot left handed--I am sure it is awkward, but with enough practice you could become good enough to please your self. Hey I practice weak hand it's difficult, but I like the challenge. Just a thought.
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    Get yourself a Past strap-on recoil shield, I'd suggest the magplus model. Not only will it absorb the recoil but will fill in the space of the missing muscle. You can use it with the supplied strap or have it built into a mesh vest for all weather use.
    I use mine when I bench my 375H&H and it makes a world of differance.

    I'd also put more pitch in your stock. That will move the toe of the stock away from your chest and move the recoil higher on your shoulder. If you don't want to cut the stock, you can get pitch spacers from Precision Reloading or Brownells to change the pitch as needed. As long as that stock is resting on you ribcage it's gonna hurt. This is a common modification for women shooters for the oposite reason. Their shoulder bones are smaller but their chests are fuller making the toe dig in to their chest instead of the shoulder pocket.

    If you want to stop the bruises change the pitch, no mechanical recoil system will work as well as this modification!

    Hoage makes a stock with a built in recoil spring and lever system that is said to work quite well, but it gives enough to make scope eyebrows a danger if the shooter dosen't pay attention.

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    Besides the PAST Magnum plus recoil shield, you might consider a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Both should help immensely. While the 55 grain may be enough for a coyote (well placed shot needed), I would think it would be too light for a boar. Handloading does a couple of things for you: 1. you can shoot lighter loads than factory. 2. you can play with the load until you get the most accurate load for your rifle and you. 3. you can shoot different bullet weights than factory loading. I have a .260 Rem. (6.5mm- .308) . If I shoot just factory ammo, I am limited to 120 or 140 grain bullets and never get to enjoy the rifle shooting 68 or 80 grain bullets.
    If you're not handloading, you'd better hang on to those Accelerator rounds. Remington quit making them years ago.
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    Look into McMillan stocks. They reduced the recoil of my 7mag quite a bit.