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  1. Tracer

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    hey all i'm wanting to put some recoil pads on a fewguns i have.any advice on a book or dvd ? also what brand of jig do you like? oh will be using limbsaver grind to fit. will start with sks and end up with mod 12 and huskavarna. any help or experience is appreciated thanks jeff
  2. jerry

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    I have installed a few grind to fit pads. I think there is some stuff on the net. I screwed on the pad, used masking tape on the stock, then used a belt sander around the edges. The masking tape keeps the belt sander form contacting the stock, so you may need an additional layer depending on tape. The heel seems to be the most critical part. Getting it shaped correctly takes a bit of paticience.

  3. grizcty

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    Hey tracer,

    I just purchased a Pachmayer Decelerator pad.

    They are easy to install.
    And they also sell slip on versions too.

    Looks & fits good!
  4. Steve

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    Good advice jerry and tracer they sell a recoil pad grinding jig, you can get it from brownells or midway they are not hard to use and the decelerator is a very good pad also, but be warned the limb saver is does not grind like any other pad it is very different because of the material it takes some getting use to. It is kind of gummy like when grinding.
  5. Tha Dave

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    There is a book called Do-It-Yourself Gun Repair Gunsmithing at home by Edward A. Matunas. It has a pretty good chapter in there about fitting a recoil pad. Hope this helps.
  6. jerry

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    Yes Sir, forgot about the gummy part, good point. When your storing the firearm the recoil pad can mush a bit where it rest on the butt.
  7. Tracer

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    thanks guys , figured i'd have to invest in the jig. will go with the decellerator.and amazon has the book for 15 bucks ,cool
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  8. lefty o

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    some guys like to put limbsaver pads in the freezer for a while before grinding. ive never done it , so dont know if it really helps.
  9. Purdy

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    You definately want to invest in a jig. It is really difficult to freehand grind with the masking tape approach. Easy to go through the tape by accident.
  10. SwedeSteve

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    Thanks for all the info guys !! I too, will be adding a pad to my 1895 in the near future.
  11. I use a Limbsaver slip on for the 1895 & 1891 Mauser when we shoot them and it is so perfect.
  12. 99dragon99

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    I just added a Pachmayr pad to my Stevens 311. I used the masking tape method. I bought a hand band sander and clamped it down, then I ran the shotgun and pad over it until it was about right. I started off with 80 grit until I got close, then I went to 120. I will finish the pad of with 240 by hand just to get rid of the scratch marks.

    It takes practice. I screwed up the finish a little, but that's ok because I was going to refinish the stock anyway.

    A little tip that I saw on You-Tube.... mount the pad and mark (scribe) the edge, take the pad off and mount it to something smaller and sand down to the scribed line.

    My stock was missing the butt plate so I mounted the Pachmayr to it. I have to fix the screw holes before I fix it permamently.