Recoilless Browning?

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    I saw at the last gun show a beautiful looking breach loading single shot Browning shotgun. Then the guy selling it said it was recoilless. Does this mean little recoil or none? And how in the world do they do it? Price was a grand. If spending a grand on a gun wasn't against my religion, I'd have bought it, it was just the finest looking gun.
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    probably a trap gun from the way it sounds. i believe i have seen a recoilless gun before, seems the guy said they have some type of spring or something in them, kind of like a M-16. not sure though. my guess is there is still some recoil.

  3. I saw a whole mess of these at kesselring's in bellingham wa a few years back. I thought they were real pretty with all the deep dark blue and gold ducks all over and the nice shiny wood. Only problem was they looked broken. The barrel would slide to and fro about an inch. The guy said it had some sort of recoil management system ( shocks of some kind) in it and thats also why it cost around 3000 or so. Thats when I saw my 10 ga not far from these but far enough to be considered riff-raff.
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    I believe I'll just use my Browning "Sweet Sixteen." It cost me $100 used in 1961 and IMHO it's still in "excellent" condition.

    Yes, it recoils...but so do I. :nod: :D