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  1. Did any of you hear that they are doing a remake of Red Dawn? I guess its suppose to be in theoters November 24 2010 according to this website Movies 2010

    Im trying to find a trailer for it.

    Here are some on scene clips shot with home camera

    [ame=""]YouTube - Red Dawn 2010: Chinese Takeover[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - RED DAWN 2010 - THE MAKING OF THE MOVIE[/ame]
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  2. Eric76

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    I hope it turns out good too.Its gonna be a chinese takeover this time,huh ?? I remember in the original, the chinese were on our side. I always hoped they would do a remake of that movie.!! Thanks for the news...
  3. Very timely, the chair is against the door.
  4. billy

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    that was a silly movie
    and i will bet cash money the remake wont improve a thing.
  5. now why would the chinese want to take us over? we're already giving them all our money and letting them buy our country a little bit at a time.

    they been talking about this movie for a long time. i'd forgot all about it.

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    John has a long mustache.

    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    I have the original on DVD so I'll have to see this one too, I just hope it's not total garbage.
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    Cool I think I just saw my pic on that "Dangerous Citizen Alert" bulletin board.:196:
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    I fear one day they might want to cash in the IOU…
    and we won’t have it.
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    New York
    Wounds my heart with a monotonous languor.
  11. Cyrano

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    Seriously. There are movies you can remake again and again, like A Night to Remember, Sail Into Danger and Titanic. There are movies that can be taken from one culture to another and shifted so it's difficult to see the commonality, such as Outland and The Magnificent Seven. There are movies that never should have been made in the first place, such as Speed Racer, Overboard, Flyboys and Pearl Harbor.

    Then there are movies that should not be remade for one of two reasons. The first is that the director got it right the first time and nothing further needs to be said, such as Rollerball (the James Caan version), Twelve O'Clock High and Rocky. The second is that the movie is a frozen slice of its time, like My Man Godfrey, The Hunt for Red October, The Grapes of Wrath... and Red Dawn.

    Red Dawn is a Cold War-era picture. It was just conceivable that the USSR, possibly assisted by Cuban allies who have a better grasp of American culture than the Soviets ever did, might attempt to launch an invasion of the United States and as we did in 1944, use airborne troops as the opening move of such an invasion. The Soviets had a navy which, if not up to the standards of the United States Navy and the Royal Navy, was at least capable of making such a threat credible. I phrase it this way because while airborne troops can make crippling raids and capture towns, strategic targets or bases until relieved by regular army ground units, they haven't the armor, artillery and air power necessary to hold that ground for long against an equally capable enemy. And even now, the only way to get enough heavy equipment and the troops to man that equipment into play is by sea. No navy, no invasion threat.

    The ChiComs do not have a navy capable of power projection as the United States, England, France and to a lesser extent Brazil, Argentina and India do. At that, none of the others can mount the kind of sustained operations we can, on the scale we can. The Soviets might have been able to manage it, at least for a few months; the Chinese simply can't.

    They are building their first carrier, but will have to learn how to operate aircraft off it; and from what I've read, even the Russians whose carrier experience is pathetically limited won't help them, which mean they will have to learn things the hard way.

    The Peoples Liberation Army Navy, the official name of the ChiCom Navy, is a "frigate navy." They have few modern subs. The ones they do have are not in the same league as those of the NATO navies.

    They haven't enough amphibious capability to mount a division-sized operation, much less something on the scale of Operation Overlord or Operation Downfall. They have no experience at all in that most difficult of naval evolutions.

    Thus, changing the villains of the piece from Russians to Chinese does not update the story to today, at least in the eyes of those who understand anything of military operations. It simply stretches the Believability Factor past the breaking point.

    Red Dawn is a period piece from a period which has been dead and gone for 20 years. The producers of the remake would have been better advised to leave it there; or at least made it a science fiction piece perhaps set on another world with alien invaders, and hope their rewrite was good enough to have the reviewers say it was in the same vein as Red Dawn rather than a remake of it.

    This is a movie which should not have been made. It don't see it as having the capability to be as good as the original - always a danger with remakes.
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    Remakes are just what they are !! I see this as a flop !!
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    I hope it doesn't suck.
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    Why must you constantly shoot down everything with facts and logic? You take all the fun out of the preps I've made to my personal arsenal. So the Chinese couldn't really pull off this sort of thing..? Well fine, at least we still have the zombie apocalypse to look forward to right..right? :biglaugh:
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    Yes, China has a very poor "blue water" Navy but that can change.

    But anyway this is a fictional movie so who cares.
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    lol I bet everyone on this forum would be up there if the Chinese invaded.
  17. O you know it lol, they know we wouldnt just stand back and let them invade without a fight.
  18. Rave

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    An armed general population is what keeps many of our enemies at bay,not going to get political.
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    YES PLSMAN... Zombie apocolypse to look forward to... Calm down, there-there (patronizing pat on the head).