Red dot on 44Mag?

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by Browning, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Browning

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    What red dot scope would you guys sugest to hold up to the thrashing of a Super Blackhawk 44mag?
  2. DaTeacha

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    Just get one intended for handguns and you should be fine. The guys in the store should be able to tell you unless you go to Wally's or something like that.

  3. samuel

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    With the recoil produced by a .44mag or larger revolver quality isn't an option for the aplication you are thinking about.Altho price is always a consideration,commonly deals can be made on sights/optics at most sports stores (but not in chain stores) While other holo,s and reddots can and do work,the two brands I have experience with and faith in are Eotech and Trijicon.In applications I have installed myself and seen used by others these two brands fared the best.However the biggest-only advantage to holo/reddot is fast,accurate aquisition of target.Be sure you aren't looking for magnification of target when thinking reddot.Try to test handgun scopes out as well as your holo/reddot to see what you want/need for your personal shooting.There are several sites on the web that discus this and that is where I would start. ,,,sam.
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  4. DaTeacha

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    Good post, Sam, as usual. I use a Leupold scope on my Redhawk with no problems, Browning. Have you thought about a scope? It's not as quick as a Red Dot, but it beats the snot out of irons for my eyes. Mine is just a 2X, and 'white' aluminum to match up nicely with the stainless gun. Unless you're stalking and hoping for a shot at a running deer, the scope would probably serve you just as well, and needs no batteries.