Redskins looking at changing name

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    I also think it's a locale thing. I don't remember a lot of problems with either in years past. UPS service did seem to suffer a bit when they went from 70 lb limit to 150. The heavy stuff better be very well packaged or they'll tear the packaging off it!

    Not much experience with UPS or Fedex since I retired. The few things my wife orders which are handled by them, come in okay. If not for Fedex, we couldn't get firearms shipped here as UPS refuses to handle them.
  2. Fishhead

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    I vote for Washington Aboriginal North Americans.

    Don't tell my Nez Perce buddies (with the Redskin logo tattooed on their arms) I dared mess with "their" team. They would kick the crap out of me! :eek:
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  3. BigEd63

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    How about Washington Sasquatches?
    Then I could audition for the mascot.:D
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    I have did jobs quite a bit in the FEDEX warehouses in MD. , Virginia and Delaware. They seem organized and clean inside. I sometimes have seen a pile of damaged boxes laying on the floor somewhere in the warehouses before. These warehouses are about a quarter mile long. Like you said they have some corporate trucks for business and home delivery. I would say about 80% are private contractors. Their trucks are painted the same Fedex colors. Only difference is the name of the contractor on the side. It could be anyone from a trucking company to a moving company that has drivers and managed to get a contract. I have heard the contractors inquiring about being a franchise and its not easy. I think alot of the lost and damaged packages happen at the end delivery. Its a very small percentage of packages that I have seen damaged at the warehouses. I am not sure if they simply tape up the damaged boxes or toss them in a construction like dumpster which they all have a few.
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    I haven't had any problems with FedEx themselves but when they or UPS does their partnership thing with the Post Office, the fun begins.:eek: the P.O. won't deliver down my street so I have a P.O. box. when I order something, usually they say it can't be shipped to a P.O. box. so I use my physical address. when the package gets turned over to the Post Office for delivery, unless there is someone working there that knows me or recognizes the name, my package gets returned because the morons in the P.O. won't deliver to my physical address.:mad: one of the friendlier P.O. workers suggested for me to put both address down when ordering. I do this and it works sometimes. sometimes I still get the red lettered message that they won't deliver to a P.O. box.o_O also about half the time when I order something, I get a call or email saying that their shipping software says my address in not correct. I have to tell them that it is correct and to just go ahead and ship it to the address I put down and the local drivers know where I am at.o_O
  6. Big Dog

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    Just rename the Washington Redskins to the Foreskins, since Washington is so full of dicks.
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    May e revisit the old hockey team...the Atlanta (down in) Flames.
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    The minor league baseball team in Birmingham is The Barons - originally The Birmingham Black Barons. They were a very successful Negro League team.

    Every year they would have a retro jersey night and players would don the Negro League logo.

    I wonder if they still do that.
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    How about the Washington Badazz?;)
  10. PaleHawkDown

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    I know, the Washington Raz.

    The mascot is just an internet rapper cosplaying as an AntiFa warlord.
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  11. Cyrano

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    New York
    I'd suggest the Atlanta Torches, since as I recall Sherman's March to the Sea it was burned down by a combination of Union controlled demolition of Confederate facilities and supplies and looting by the locals.

    But what did the Cossack Brotherhood ever do to you that you would insult them by suggesting the team located in that corrupt pesthole on the Potomac deserves to be named the Cossacks? The Kansas City territory is more like the lands of Ukraine where they held sway. Remember, when they weren't killing Russians, Turks, Poles, or Germans they were farmers. I am surprised no one has gone after the Kansas City Chiefs yet!
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    Wrong Washington
  13. PaleHawkDown

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    Sherman was a complete bastage whose men destroyed the homes and livelihoods of everyone, regardless of race, and he personally forced black men into bondage in order to serve his troops.

    I have no good argument for Cossack, really. The Spanish were the first explorers to the region, after the First Nations, of course, so we could have called the team the "Enlightenment Despots." The next explorers of note were the English. The first ship to properly explore the coastwas called the "Imperial Eagle," so that, too would have been a good team name. The problem is that there are built-in political connotations with those names, and coming up with a good mascot would be harder. Many other white, and even black explorers came after that. After the Nootka Convention, a whole bunch of Russians - specifically Cossacks made their home in the region. It was just close enough to Russian settlements in Alaska to allow trade, but far enough away from Russian rule to allow them some freedom.

    Besides, a Cossack with a big honkin' sword would be a pretty cool, and fairly unique, mascot.
  14. Huey Rider

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    Just on the news. They are going to announce a name change latter today. They finally caved in.
  15. don5544

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    I'm going for Brown Shirts. Thats where Washington is going even though thats what they call everyone else.
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    Here ya go,:p:D:eek: IMG_20200713_113808.jpg
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    I know this is a humor thread, but I thought I’d note that the white military folks on my Facebook page are the only ones talking about this. They are enamored with the idea, or at least they are enamored with the virtue signaling points it’s earning them...

    Washington Whalers gets my vote.
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  18. reverendg

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    The Washington Capitulators.
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  19. Cyrano

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    New York
    I suspect they will go for something like the Washington Senators. It would not be the first time a baseball team and a football team shared a name. Remember the Arizona Cardinals used to play in St. Louis.
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    Well, since the Lefties are screaming for the end of Washington statues, either the whole state will eventually be pressured to change their name, or they will have to do what some schools have done; leave the name the same, but change who that name references.

    I remember reading about some school up north by the name of "Franklin Elementary". They tore down their Ben Franklin statue and put up one of Aretha.

    So, I propose this: The state is heretofore named after Booker T. Washington. In a totally unrelated note the football team is changed to Booker T. and the M.Gs.
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