Redskins looking at changing name

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  1. savage12755a

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    I like the Washington Yellow Bellies. As in yellow bellied cowards.
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  2. Big Dog

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    Washington Whiners.
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  3. BigEd63

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    Okay how about I change the image to Rosie O'Donell or Oprah?
    Oh wait you said whalers not whales.
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  4. Rave

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    Chain of fools? Bugger T.? Washington Wampum? Washington whoozits? :rolleyes:
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  5. redcaddy51

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    I think I'll just stop referring to, or supporting ANY of the candy azzed pro sports teams, Negro football league, negro basketball leauge, Negro hocky league, negro stock car auto racing and any other pro sports teams whose players don't look like me and talk like me.

    Yep, I'm a racist, tired of hearing you guy's bitch and whine about things you don't have and didn't earn anyway. I stopped giving a crap a long time ago.
    I never owned slaves, none of my family ever owned slaves, never discriminated against anything except "stupid" I owe you nothing.

    When Lyndon Johnson's "Great society" said I had to pay your bills, Feed your kids, pay for training that you all couldn't complete any way, as well as hiring and promoting the products of all the reform schools and insane asylums, ahead of high school and college grads that actually had job skills and a drive to succeed. (affirmative action) I balked, and have yet to restart.

    You think that you can change my world by tearing down statues and re writing history, you think you can use violence to push change on me, Believe me, I WILL visit violence upon you to resist that change.

    Just another old sheepdog, barking at the end of his chain, don't get too close.
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  6. Rave

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    Yeah,I heard that and there's a lot of truth to what you are preaching and a lot of lies in that BLMBS.
    The line is being drawn and folks are gonna have to start thinking abut it,but don't think too long.:cool:
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  7. graybeard

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    There ya go again....messin' wit the handicap
    Sez the guy in the wheelchair...:D..LOL!!!!:D
  8. PaleHawkDown

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    I am decidedly not racist, though by the Left's standards that mere sentence is all the proof that I am. Due to a unique circumstance of politics and geography I have spent more than half of my life as the minority. I have previously been, and currently am, married to minorities even more marginalized than black people.

    I think of this as as much, or more, of a Democrat issue than a race issue.

    There is ignorance everywhere, but the Democratic party rewards ignorance. Ignorance begets hate and fear. To quote Yoda, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

    The Democrats helped raise a generation of people who hate and are drawn together by their hate. As much of the violence and damage in these riots is being done by lazy, Lefty, white, college kids as it is any minority. The people screaming the loudest for the monuments to be destroyed, and the team mascots and names to be changed, are also white kids.

    The "black" voices screaming loudest in the sports, media and political world are often mixed people who were mostly raised in white schools and neighborhoods, or were raised in foreign lands or by foreigners.

    The Left has created a self-hating monster.

    I think the monster the Dems have created has become too big for them to control, though. They've spread their toxicity, and now they are standing by as the resulting Kaiju turns cities to rubble.

    That Kaiju is 400 feet tall, and bears the name of "Victim Mentality". It is a religious force, a political point of pride, the sole reason and excuse why anyone's life sucks. It is the prederterministic and fatalistic view that one's life, fate, and success is completely beyond one's control and therefore the fault of some inherent external evil.

    It is a religion without a specific God, but with a pantheon of mostly imagined devils called the "Ists" and the "Phobes", governed over by an imaginary and omnipresent Diabolos ex Machina called "Systemic" whose sole goal in life is to only keep certain people from success - even though that Devil seems to let an awful lot of people slip through his fingers to succeed.

    Being a victim is a political point of pride for these Leftist cultists to the point that some people will permanently alter their bodies, claim to be something they are not, cover themselves in tattoos, modifications and piercings to make themselves unemployable, take a degree in a field they know is not hiring, or willingly adopt mental illnesses in order to be part of the "progressive stack" - the ranking system used to determine how much of a victim someone really is - and then claim that that victim status, and not the decisions they made, brought them to failure.

    Here's the thing; while the left has been building this religion and creating this beast, we have stood by as they painted us - for mostly imagined reasons - as the demons in their infernal pantheon.

    Worse, most of us just complained and did nothing as this religion infiltrated our neighborhoods, recruited our children, took away our rights and our freedoms, and pointed its fingers in our direction as the root of all evil.

    We had a chance to fight ignorance before it blossomed, but instead we tried to make peace through concessions.
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  9. Jaison

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    Nice nod to Pacific Rim.
  10. draftingmonkey

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  11. noelekal

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    I'm rooting to see the NFL fail for I loathe them. I used to be a rabid Cowboys fan, but that was before they deprived me of the '83 season because of a strike. Then the entire house of cards that was pro ball fell in within my mind.

    The Redskins? Have they chosen a new name yet?

    A suggestion would be the Washington Toadies.
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  12. mitchr

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    No announcement yet. Here's a couple options posted on an article.

    "The Warriors, the Redtails, and the Red Wolves are three contenders floated in a Richmond Times-Dispatch story."

    I think the WWII "Redtails" should be insulted by that one.:rolleyes:
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  13. PaleHawkDown

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    Wasn't there an XFL or some other football league team called the Washington Warriors?
  14. shanebrews

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    I don't know how it is out in Jaison's territory, but this is going over like a lead balloon on the coast. That said, there are people falling over themselves backwards to come up with some name that is not so rayciss.
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  15. jwrauch

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    To quote Shakespeare this whole thing is " a tale told by an idiot , full of sound and fury, signifying nothing ".
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  16. PaleHawkDown

    PaleHawkDown G&G Evangelist

    Let's just make Baseketball a thing and give all the teams inappropriate names.

    We could add expansion teams:

    Birmingham Past-Dwellers
    Atlanta Thugs
    Chicago Gangsters
    New York Liberals
    Seattle Suicides
    Tampa Floridamen
    Anaheim Rats
    New Orleans Grifters
    Las Vegas Escorts
    El Paso ICE
    Minnesota Mohameds (though it is illegal to show their mascot)
    Ohio Floods
    Kansas City Feuds
    Oregon Militias
    The D.C. Democrats (they never really win games They just cheat or change the rules)
    Louisville UPS Delays
    Idaho Spuds
    Massachusetts Importantcalltoletyouknowyourwarrantyisexpiring
    Indiana Vroomvrooms
    Cleveland Swingers
    Kentucky Tooth (just one, singular)
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  17. Jaison

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    It's a non-issue, brother. Dead in the water and not even on the radar for anyone in my circle of miscreants.

    My BIL said he's more concerned about what color bread ties Wonder bread is using. LOL

    My personal opinion is that the proverbial straw has landed on the back. Many NFL fans are done with the whole charade.
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  18. mitchr

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    Good info to have. The color of the tie shows day of week it was baked. 'Course, I can never remember what color goes with what day!:oops:
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  19. Jaison

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    I’ll be! Didn’t know that.

    I thought he was just being the goofball he’s so good at being. Learn something new everyday.
  20. Big Dog

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    The color thing applies to the plastic tabs used on some bread products too.
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