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  1. Does anyone have a reduced velocity load for the .30-30. I am looking for something that uses a 150gr bullet that duplicates a 158gr 357mag load. I'm familiar with 10 gr of unique with the 100-110 gr bullet. I have used it for years. Is it safe with 150 gr. What velocity would I get?
  2. You in the same boat as me huh Jimkim, no Chrony as of yet?

    And I also wanted to ask you if you've ever shot any of the Hornady
    LeveRevolution for your 30-30? I've got some, haven't shot any yet but have heard many, many good things and high praise for it.

  3. I would like to re-chamber to .308 marlin Express. But I don't see that happening. The rounds I requested will be for a man who has arthritis. His joints are all but gone. He still hunts but it lays him up for two to three days everytime.
  4. Know the feeling very well Jimkim. I suffer with it also.

    I'd like you to tell him to try this stuff I use and that works for me for relief. It's called Capzasin HP, the 1% HP= High Potency stuff.

    This exact box/brand. It's actually the generic brand, but I find it works the best, yes better then the name brand. lol

    You/he can find it at Walgreens.
    Arthritis Pain Relief | Capzasin-HP | Walgreens

    Good luck on your quest for reduced 30-30 loads and wish him the best from me. I can totally relate.
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    your 10gr unique wil be bout 14-1500
    look at some cast bullet loads on the hodgdons website or in the lyman manual.
    or for sr-4759 loads.
  6. I found a load I think he can use. 150gr RN...27.0 gr H4895...1674fps...OAL 2.550...CCI LR. What do you think? The muzzle energy is 933 at 100 yrds it is 595 So it is "deer legal" in GA. I think it will do for 30-40 yds.
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    I think my Speer book has some good reduced loads (don't have it on the road with me) I use alot of SR4759 as well. I believe that load would work for you under the conditions you describe. Even the state of Illinoid lets us hunt with a minimum 500 foot # of energy at the muzle for handguns on deer. This puts the .357 at about minimum. I would not have a problem shooting an unalerterd deer at "bow" ranges.

    Personally, I'd look close at the bullet construction. I'd look for one that will still expand at the lower velocities. The Rem Core-Lock seems to be a good all around performer in a vanilla wrapper. GA deer run a little small if I recall. Should not be hard to kill one cleanly.
  8. Best advice

    . . . would be to check the reloading manuals published by the major
    firms in that business.

    It is just better and safer to work with info developed by the pros.

    Good luck and good shooting.