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Refinish post 64 Winchester 94 Wrangler I???

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I have a Winchester 94 Wrangler I in 32 Win. Spl. The receiver has rolled engraving. The receiver is starting to loose its finish. The flashing is starting to show. I do not like it. I want to have it refinished. But the rolled engraving can not be damaged.

I contacted Winchester and they do not do that type of finish anymore. It will not accept conventional bluing because the receiver is cast. I have considered a Teflon type finish or perhaps some type of plating. But I was really looking for a finish that looks original. I contacted Bearcoat and they have a Premium Finish that is supposed to look like bluing. But sometimes pictures do not speak a thousand words.

Has anyone out there had a post 64 Winchester refinished?

Has anyone had any experience with modern finishes?

Does anyone have any information that can help me?

I am open to positive options.
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Well, I finally decided on a finish for my Winchester 94 Wrangler I. I decided to go with Rogard from Robar Industries.

I wish I could have seen work from other finishers. It would have been nice to be able to compare the finishes. But the Rogard looked darn good. I decided to have it completely finished. I'm just a little uneasy on how the rolled engraving will look.

I dropped it off today and I should have it within 4-6 weeks.

Robar Industries is in Phoenix just a few miles away.
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