Refinished my first rifle!

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  1. twisterx44

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    Well, for those of you helping me in my "touching up wood stocks" thread, you asked for final pics, but i figured you wouldn't look at the old post. For new viewers, here is the old post when i fist got the rifle (only like a week ago) and some initial pics:

    The process was as follows: Wet rag with iron to remove some denting and such. Seemed to work OK. I then let it dry for a day, sanded it very lighty with 400wet/dry, and put on the first coat of tru oil w/a lint free cloth. I let that dry over night, and then very lightly sanded that coat. After vacuuming and making sure all the sanding residue was off the stock, I put on another layer of tru oil, lint free cloth again. Over the next few days i repeated this process two more times before rubbing in the final coat with my fingers. The pictures really don't do it justice, but tell me what you think anyway. It looks much much better than it did. For a first time job, I'm quite pleased.



  2. .22hustler

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    I use my fingers with every coat of tru-oil. I usually put on about 5-7 coats for a nice hard finish. I sand with 000 steel wool between coats, and then use a tack rag on the stock.Your gun looks fine, but you're right, the pictures don't do it justice. However, nice job.:09:

  3. twisterx44

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    ha, how would you know they don't do it justice if you've never seen my rifle?
  4. SwedeSteve

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    The pics are too dark, but from what I can see, you did a great job! Congrats!
  5. Big Tool

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    Looks like you did a great job.

    have you had a chance to shoot it yet??

  6. squirrelblaster

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    dont need to see the rifle to tell that. its a bad/dark picture so it does not show the rifle at its best.

    p.s...looks like you did a good job.
  7. twisterx44

    twisterx44 G&G Newbie

    Alright alright, when I get home I'll take some better, lighter pictures. Thanks though!

    Check back in later tonight, and we'll try again :)
  8. twisterx44

    twisterx44 G&G Newbie

    Alright guys, here are some better-lit pictures of it in my backyard. And just for sh*ts and giggles, I posted one of me with the rifle. yes, I know i look like im 12 but I'm 18 as of feb 08 so please don't try to tell me I look incredibly young. Trust me, I know. And I'm told i'll learn to love it when im 30 =)

    And unfortunately, I haven't been able to shoot it yet. Sadly, you must be 21 to order ammo online and I'm 18. My FFL is ordering them for me though, but they wont be here till next weekend. I'm really excited to test out it's famed accuracy. I really dont know how to adjust the front site post except with a brass punch and hammer. Not to be dumb, but what IS a brass punch? Also, am I just supposed to move it very small amounts at a time? No actual method?

    here are your pics guys!



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  9. Paper

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    Hey.. Who's the kid??:)

    Great looking rifle!!

    Anyway, a brass punch is the same as a steel punch, only made of brass. It's actually just a 5" or so long pin made of brass that's tapered and finishes of to a flat end. If you go to a tool store, as for a "drift punch" made of brass.

    Before going to that effort, get some ammo and shoot the gun. You will more than likely find it shoots right where you point it, and you won't need to make any adjustments.

    As far as ammo, well, you should be able to find it at some of the larger stores. I don't know if you have any Dunhamms or Big 5 around you, but I've seen it at Cabelas and I think I saw it at a Bass Pro Shops, too..

    7.5 Swiss isn't the easiest to find, but it's out there.
    Good luck and let us know how it shoots!!
  10. turner

    turner Guest

    Here's some reasonably priced 7.5 Swiss, if you'd like to take a look. My shipping to a business address for $100 ammo order was only $9., That's less than sales tax here in Tn!

    7.5 Swiss 180 gr PSP 2500 fps (20 Rounds) - Wisconsin Cartridge LLC.
  11. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Thanks for that link!! I actually get up to Friendship, WI all the time, and will be up there for 4 days in a couple weeks. I'll have to see if they sell direct.
    If not, shipping to my home should be cheap as I'm only 2 hours from there.

    Again, thank you!!
  12. twisterx44

    twisterx44 G&G Newbie

    Ha, the KID is me. And I've called EVERY single store in Portland, OR. Big 5, GI Joes, Bi-mart, Sportsman's warehouse, specialty gunshops, evvvveryone

    my FFL did order 120rds of GP11 from though...i'll check out that link though. From what I hear, stocking up on GP11 now is a good idea, theres a lot of it on the market now and wont be for too long..
  13. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    GP11 is great ammo, but it's berdan primed.. If reloading was in your future with this ammo, I'd look at purchasing something else..

    For only a few cents more, I'd go with PP ammo, which is also non-corosive, but boxer primed. AIM 7.5Swiss 7.5Swiss

    If you don't plan on reloading, or don't mind the extra hassle, the GP will be fine.
  14. twisterx44

    twisterx44 G&G Newbie

    I don't plan on reloading; going to college in the fall, no place for reloading in a dorm :)

    Is the GP11 corrosive?
  15. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    You did a great job on that stock! Congrats! Let us know how he shoots!
  16. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    It's not corrosive, and if you're not reloading, it's the PERFECT ammo for that gun..:werd:

    I've shot some through mine and it's fantastic ammo, and a fantastic gun to put it through!!