Refinished Steyr M95

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, May 4, 2008.

  1. Iron_Colonel

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    Got the first coat of boiled linseed oil, and its in the garage drying. I have taken pictures of it before I sanded it and after I sanded it in the prepped stage. I will see how it will look with another coat of oil on it tomorrow, and see if I might want to add another coat to it for a total of three.

    Will the amount of oil I add to the stock affect its final outcome? As in will it make it darker with each coat, or just be an added protectant? Pics to come in a day or two with the final product.

  2. Iron_Colonel

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    Yea, me too. I am going to add one more coat before I go to bed, then it should be about ready for the camera by this afternoon when I wake. Then on my days off I think I am going to blue the other parts, the two bands and the buttplate. But, on the fore end of the barrel, that band the bayonet hooks on to, what is the pointy metal thing coming off of it for? It looks like its its own mini bayonet like one of the spike bayos on an Enfield, but its rounded. So I don't know what thats for. I'm going to leave the barrel, receiver and trigger guard/mag well alone. They are fine how they are.
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    Well where's the pics?
  4. toolman

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    I.C., the rounded pointy thing is a stacking hook and no, I don't know how it works either. :p
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    In my experience, more coats of oil generally give a smoother glossier finish.
    I have added stain to the oil to darken the appearance, if desired.
  6. Tung oil will darken in UV light.
    I have a new Garand stock with two coats of BLO. I'm going to attempt to remove finnish with Homer Formby's Funiture Refinnisher. Then use Tung Oil on it for several coats finnishing up with putting stock in sun.
  7. Stacking hooks are used to hold at least three rifles in a teepee style configuration making them easier to grab when needed. You simply lock them together using the hooks.
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    Well I'm not going to purchase 2 more just to see if they stack good!:09:
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    more Steyrs

    Hmmmmm..... I LIKE that falls over all by itself, but if I have two more, the problem is solved....

    "Honey, I need to order a couple more Steyrs so they won't fall over.....":09: