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  1. Friday I got a notice for jury duty later this week.

    Now, for some, that is a chore worse than going to a funeral.

    But, for me, I find it an amazing duty.


    What other country, besides perhaps Canada, Australia and a few others, allows and/or has a judicial system even close to ours?

    What other countries even allow their people the freedom to have a trial by a group of their peers?

    Oh, we may ***** and moan and gripe about some of our politcal views....views about laws.......what bugs us and the like.

    When I look around the world's problems I suddenly find fullfillment in that I have less problems than they.

    When I open up the closet and see all of my guns it reminds me that they are there legally there and need not be hidden.

    When I see the Bible on the night stand I know it is free for me to open and read, to discuss it freely and to walk around with it in public, if I wish.

    When I pull into a strip mall I cherish the fact that I can choose which store I shop at rather than the government telling me which one and what I can buy that day.

    I relish the fact that I can walk down ANY street with my Navajo wife and feel proud.

    I look at my retirement credentials and I'm even prouder I served....served of MY own free will...not someone else's will.

    When I think of all the mistakes I have made I can blame only myself and not someone making the choices for me that led to those mistakes.

    When I surf through the television channels late at night I am thankful that I have the options I have. Not just one government controlled news propaganda station.

    When I was working I enjoyed the idea if I ever chose to do so, I could quit and find another job. Not suffer through it because it was the job chosen for me.

    When I apologize to someone for something I might have said or done I fear no reprisals.

    Yeah, we gripe from time to time and I am just as quick to do that as anyone. And, sometimes our gripes are founded.

    But, we still live in the best **** country there is and I am ****ed proud to tell them Wednesday that I would be glad to serve as a juror.
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  2. johno

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    right on, dale. i agree wholeheartedly.

  3. Benny

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    Ditto with johno. This is the greatest country on earth. All the more reason to defend it.

  4. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist're right on your statements.

    Now let's do our duty by protecting the 2nd amendment rights, too.