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This my early 70s Winchester 12ga shotgun. It used to be my grandpa's, originally given to him by my dad as a gift for marrying my mom. Went over great with grandpa, he finally won the turkey shoot at the VFW with it. This gun is well used. Grandpa used it all the time, and it probably never got cleaned. When I got it, there was duct tape holding the front grip and the recoil pad on. I've used it for several years now, and decided that it was time to bring this gun back to life. I dissassembled everything but the trigger group, which was easily accessable anyway with the buttstock removed. The duct tape was very old, and the glue was dried out, which made removal somewhat of a chore. I scraped all the tape glue off, sanded the grip and stock, and just for kicks painted it satin black. Here's some pics.

glue removed

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