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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by pappa, May 24, 2002.

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    I think the Marlin .45ACP Camp Carbine would make a great defense weapon, except it has a low capacity magazine.
    The Reising Mod.60 .45ACP semi-auto carbine was made about 1944 to 1946 by H&R I believe for police use. The magazine held about 20(?) rounds. But they are scarce and expensive.
    Anyone know why Marlin didn't follow suit and use a 20-30 round magazine on their .45 Camp Carbine? What is the legality of adapting a larger capacity magazine?
    I know there are larger capacity mags available for some guns, 10rd for the Remington 7400, and a proliferation of LC mags for the Ruger products.
    Anyone have the straight skinny on this?

  2. Big Dog

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    There are 15 round Colt 1911 magazines available that would fit the Camp 45. Modifying a large capacity magazine would only be legal as long as it still fits the original weapon it was designed for, otherwise you have "manufactured" a new high-cap mag, which is a big no-no. Better would be to modify the weapon to take a different mag, but that raises questions, too.