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  1. Besides me, are any of us reloaders? Rifle or pistol? Do you do your own or do you do it with hubby?

  2. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    If your answer is the latter but you just happen not to have a "hubby" I just happen to be in a "volunteer" mood. (if you have a hubby and he stands over 4'2",forget it.)

  3. Oh well. I guess this isn't really a Lady's forum after all, is it.

    Enjoy your forum.

  4. FS00008

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    It is, just not all that many ladies around this forum. I reload often. Did you have a specific reloading question?
  5. BenchRest

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    I reload mostly for myself…
    until my wife and son get to the bullets.
  6. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    I apoligise completely.I never thought you would take offence for replying to your post.
  7. 338RUM

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    good job sam you ran her off! LOL
  8. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    I never intended to offend anyone.All I can say is:Sheeeesh!
  9. :laughing: Don't worry, Sam. Nobody's gonna die from it.
    Since I hang out on your Swiss forum here I should probably explain.
    Quite a while ago she was a Moderator on the old board. She moderated the Ladies forum and the Basics Reloading and Casting forum. She literally grew up in the armoury and has it pretty much nailed down tight. Her big deal was teaching ladies to reload and join their husbands on the range shooting. Evehn at her young age she had a lot of students.

    It took almost two years for the men on the Basics forum to take her seriously, but when they found they couldn't bs her and she always anwered politely and accurately without whining or complaint, they accepted her for the very knowledgeable gal she is. It was tough for her for a year or so, but in the end they all really liked her.

    A bad illness caused her to retire from the AW, but she still has Mod forum priveledges and is there quite often, but never on the open forums. When she began there she was just 18 and the Mods and Admin all sort of adopted her.

    She had asked me what I thought about her approaching the ladies here, but neither of us really knew there was so little participation. And then.......... Uh oh! :11: ... along came Sam! :D I know you meant nothing by it, but two posts on two different threads that contained very mild sexist innuendoes tipped the scales. No matter, Sam. Not a big deal at all and with no participation by the ladies is isn't a place she wants to be anyway.
    So....... What's for lunch?

  10. chesterwin

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    Please give 1911sr my best and the wish she would check in occasionally for the ladies. I think this is a first post in the Ladies Forum for me, but the request is more important.
  11. I'll defintely pass the message.
    I'm sure she misunderstood. She was under the impression that only ladies responded. I think she was confiused about that. On her old Ladies Forum gents were only allowed to post by invitation of one of the Lady members. That wouldn't make sense here since there are so few of them, but she'll cool off. She always does.
    I miss the old days when she'd just slug me and that was the end of it. Now she analyzes everthing and gives me a dissertation with a dirty look! LOL!
    Brothers and Sisters. Oh well......

  12. JetGirl

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    I reload my own.
    Only .45 for pistol.
    The hubster is not interested in shooting or anything related, so I do it on my own.
    I've had a lot of coaching and done lots of reading, though. I'm sure it would have been easier to pick up if I'd had a live-in gun nut, too. :p
  13. This is pretty much what we grew up with, so it was definitely a second nature thing for us.


    And this is her Highness with her old 1911sr Swiss Long Rifle.... her favorite for distance shooting. She can actually smile! LOL


  14. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    I can tell when I'm not wanted!
  15. I'm sure you are wanted, Sam. She's just a newbee that wandered into the wrong kind of a ladies forum thats not exclusively Ladies.
    If she's going to participate its going to have to be on your terms, not hers.

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  16. I'm sure you are wanted, Sam. I'm sorry for reacting. I was expecting a serious subject reply and I'm too sensitive with what I thought was just another chauvenist reply, but I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, no? ;)
    And I wish my stupid brother wouldn't talk about me as if I wasn't in the room! Big dope! He's gonna get slugged for sure. But I love him anyway.

    And he's right. If I'm going to do anything here at all it has to be on your terms. I just wasn't expecting any guys to answer, but I can see now that there's really only a few of us girls that really post at all.

    Anyway, thanks for your patience and understanding, no? And thank you for the kind words, chesterwin.

    1911sr :)