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.600 Nitro loading block

Using wood laying around in my garage, I already drew the plans for a 14-rd wood block using two 2x4's glued and screwed side-by-side. The 2x4's will give me 1" depth (for case stability) with it's 1-1/2" thickness.
Know where I can get the ammo boxes?


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Mabe this for the .50? I'm not sure of overall lenght of the cartridge?

Ammo Box - 20 ga. Shotgun 25 Round
This box fits 3" 20 ga. shotgun shells.
Hinged Top Box
Capacity 25 rounds
Please state color choice when ordering.
Price: $2.00 Stock #: 6BE-SH20
Color: Blue Smoke Clear Orange


5 Ammunition box- Custom for A-MAX bullets 1 Holds 50 For ball and Hornady bullet length rounds $22.00
6 Loading block-28 holes 1 Wooden- Excellent $5.00
7 Loading block-64 holes 1 Wooden- Excellent $10.00
8 Loading block-plastic- MTM 1 Holds 50-fits a little tight $3.00
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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