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Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by jtuck, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. jtuck

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    Since I'm sure I'm the only person who has ever done this: Make sure the new bullets you want to try work in your rifle BEFORE you buy them.

    I wanted to try some heavier bullets in my AR and went looking for some 68 gr. Hornady's but the only thing in stock were 75 gr. I bought some to try anyway and they won't fit in the magazine!

    Live and learn I suppose, the aggravating part is they are only .003-4" too long.
  2. MosinMan

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    Seat them 3 thousanths deeper then... The OAL The manual lists isn't the end all be all. You should see how short I had to seat a 175gr. SMK into a 7.5x55 case to get it to chamber in my K31 when I was shooting jacketed out of it. Looked almost funny!

  3. sourdough44

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    I agree, rifle COL can be adjusted up & down some without worries, much more so than some handgun.
  4. samuel

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    I would think the priority concern with heavier bullets would be barrel twist in this 5.56NATO/.223rem it is difficult to stabilise anything over about 63gr bullets in anything slower than a 1:7"twist,so the 75gr wouldn't have worked no matter how you seated them.They claim some target bullets in 69gr work in 1:9twist but personal experience in a bolt gun taught me that they worked at max velocity only.No matter what cal I am buying bullets for I first check to be sure they will work in the barrel twist I have,and then check the OAL for the mag.Both should be considered.
  5. jtuck

    jtuck G&G Evangelist

    Sam's right of course. I realize now my rifle probably won't stabilize these bullets. I took some to the range today and the best I could do at 100 yards was about 1.5-2". Just to make sure it was the load and not the shooter, I also shot some 55 gr FMJ and was consistently right around 1".

    That will show me to just settle for whatever is on the shelves. The impatience of my youth wouldn't let me wait for an internet order.
  6. DaTeacha

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    Does your manual list separate loads for the AR and bolt guns? The new Sierra does and there are significant differences in maximum powder charges for some loadings. Make sure you're using AR data. I'd hate to see a report about how your blew up your gun. I'm asking because AR data would give you a OAL that will fit the magazine unless it specifies a load for single shot use only. Bolt gun data will allow a longer OAL.
  7. jtuck

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    Yes sir it does. I am using the Hornady 7th Edition, which has a section for .223 Remington (40-60gr bullets) and a separate section for .223 Remington Service Rifle (68gr & 75gr bullets). I will man up and admit that I now see where the manual states the 75gr bullets cannot be loaded to function at magazine length, and must be used single-shot style.

    I have since done a little more research and pulled load data from various powder and bullet manufacturers sights to compare against what my loading manuals say. Hopefully I can cross reference them all and come up with a safe working range to develop a load within.

    I have abandoned the 75 gr. project for now and will wait until I can find some lighter bullets to work up a varmint round.

    Contrary to how it may sound, I am working very hard to overcome my chronological handicap...