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    So as I have asked about .223, I am now that I own a .410 Enfield, I will be reloading for it as well. And I must say how it is odd and it stinks that .410 ammo is twice as much as .12 ga Anyway, I am looking at a Mec press, and will probably load a small game or target shot. The cheapest ammo I found yet was a walmart which was Rem 1/2 oz 6 shot for $7.57 box of 20. So my guess, is that it will be like most other s cheaper to reload the .410. Anyone have a good cost breakdown, like how many rounds per lb of powder, is it a half oz of shot per shell making it 32 shell per pound of shot...things like that, and advise on proper powders, primers and wads. Are there any homemade components like homemade wads you can make yourself...I remember reading somewhere that someone did that. Hulls are no problem, I will have plenty from the 200 rds I already bought and I picked up a bunch of nice brass bottom hulls as well. Thanks.
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    My 410 load

    I shoot 50 - 75 rounds of 410 every Sunday here is my load:
    16.5g H110
    Pattern Control wad
    What ever primer is on sale (Fiocchi right now)
    1/2 oz # 8 shot

    Here is the cost break down:
    H110 @ @20 per pound, 425 shells per pound = 4.7 cents per shell
    $10.00 per 500 wads = 2 cents per shell
    $25.00 per 1000 Primers = 2.5 cents per shell
    $40.00 per 25# bag shot = 800 loads @ 1/2 oz load = 5 cents per shell

    Total 14.2 Cents per shell = $3.55 per box A heck of a lot cheaper than buying them and about 75% the cost of 12ga and a lot bigger challange

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    where do you get supplies at?
  4. Though I don't load .410, I get most of my components from Ballistic Products. If you email and request them, they will also reply with load recipes for their wad/hull combinations as well as most major manufacturershulls and wads.
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    I get most of my supplies through my gun club. We do mass buys ($1000 +) 1-2 times a month and save a buttload on shipping. You can get reloading supplies at most gun shops but prices will be higher due to shipping and Haz mat fees that they recoup. I can get a pound of H110 through my gunclub for $16.50 a pound the same pound costs $21.50 at my local gun store.

    Shot will be harder to come by due to the weight. A lot of Gun Shops dont even carry it because the price has gotten so high there isnt enough profit to justify stocking it and the pain to unload and put it on the shelves.

    My advice to you join a club and find other handloaders and do a mass buys
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    and some of your hulls will be better to load then others, target hulls r the best.
    the good ones not the no-names.